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2020 Guide to find a property for sale in la Cala de Mijas

This area is unique because it offers a harmonious blend of Spanish culture, great weather, outstanding leisure activities, amazing food and beaches mixed with a big community of expats living here.

 Welcome to our most complete guide to find a property for sale and live in La Cala de Mijas

 We are real estate agents with experience in selling apartments and villas in La Cala de Mijas and outskirts. So we have created this guide to offer you an honest and real look into this special town situated in la Costa del Sol, between Malaga and Marbella.


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The complete guide for finding a new house in La Cala de Mijas in Costa del Sol


Cala de Mijas or La Cala, as denominated by residents , is a village located on the coast of Costa de Sol, near between Malaga and Marbella and right next to Fuengirola.


  • Why is Cala de Mijas famous? What is all the fuss about?


This village and the outskirts have been reasonably untouched by mass tourism although offering a feeling of exclusivity and a holiday atmosphere. This blend makes it a very good option to invest in a house and live here because there is a proven return on property investment is this area.


  • Is the town as good as they say?


Short answer. Yes. There are very clear reasons why this place is different from others you may have visited or heard about in Spain.


The quality of the Cala de Mijas beach is known to have a higher quality than the average Spanish beach.

There’s a big community of expats that will make your adaptability to the new country and new culture a very smooth process. Having said this, the unique Spanish feel hasn't been lost, so you will experience how different and special life in Spain really is.


Your everyday life in La Cala is affordable. Although an exclusive and high standard town, everyday activities like buying groceries, getting a haircut, buying the newspapers, or having a quick breakfast will be very affordable due to the lower general prices in Spain compared with other countries in Europe.

Everything is close to you to visit. Within a 15 minute car ride to Marbella and 25 minutes to Malaga, you won’t feel alienated from the bigger cities. This is an added bonus if you are not a fan of the city life but you still enjoy a busy day in one of these main cities in Spain.


In this area, the average price by square metre for around 2,600 €, a decrease in price compared with past periods. Moreover, the average price for properties in La Cala de Mijas is around 450,000 €.


The old town in Cala de Mijas


Large community of European residents and expats


Once you buy a property in this town of Costa del Sol, you don’t have to worry about your integration into a new country, a new culture or new people.


La Cala de Mijas is one of the main destinations where European people to buy a house, therefore you won’t be the only one who has been able to adapt to this new town, so you will find people who have gone through or are going through a similar situation as you, making you feel at home.


Little things like ordering food in your language, watching your preferred TV series in your country without an issue in Spain or finding new friends who speak the same language makes a big difference in your everyday life and mood, and in this little town it will be possible.


  • So, does it feel like living in Spain?


At the end of the day, you are living in a new country, and La Cala hasn’t lost an ounce of its unique Spanish look and Andalusien flair, so if you're looking for a new experience into the Mediterranean culture, you will experience the total package of this new lifestyle. Viva la vida!


  Map of Cala de Mijas and sorroundings


Surrounding area 


Two of the main destinations in the south of Spain are Malaga and the notorious town of Marbella. So, the fact that Cala de Mijas is right in between is a huge plus in terms of lifestyle and things to do in your free time.


Moreover, next to the Mijas costa you have the town center or Mijas pueblo, which hasn’t been touched by construction and still has the essence of a real Andalusian town. The arrival of new European residents has enriched the bonds between them and the native Spanish residents.


Sometimes words can’t describe a place, so here are some amazing photos of Mijas pueblo, your new old town once you find a property in Cala de Mijas.


Finally the town of Fuengirola is just 10 minutes away with the car. Fuengirola is a more relaxed and ‘Spanish’ town compared to the more eye catching Marbella or Malaga, however is this special charm that makes it a very interesting place to visit and have a and live.


Properties for sale in the coast of Cala de Mijas


Cala de Mijas resorts (golf)


If you are a fan of exclusive leisure activities or golf, you’re in for a fun experience living here. There are an abundance of resorts, spas, gyms and sport centers in Cala de Mijas. But most importantly, Mijas in one of the towns with the most golf courses in Spain.


Places like La Cala Golf or Cala Nova Golf resort have kilometers of golf courses, offering quality and a high standard space to practice this great sport. Next to this areas you have the most luxurious houses, villas and apartments in Cala de Mijas.


The beach

The Costa in Cala de Mijas has several beaches that will catch your eye very quickly. The main thing here is that the beaches in this area are very long, with thin sand and most importantly, voted some of the best beaches in Spain. They are cleaned and maintained properly and, with the amazing weather in Spain, a plan you can almost do all year round.

The most notable beaches in this area are Calahonda, coast of La Cala de Mijas, el Bombo o beach el Chaparral.


There are very attractive beachfront apartments and property for sale all along the beachfront of Cala and surroundings. The price of these properties is the highest in Cala de Mijas due to the privileged position, contact us to find out about these beachfront properties. Moreover, there are some things you should know before you buy a house from the Spanish bank in Cala de Mijas and 5 mistakes you should always avoid before you buy any house in Spain.

Food and restaurants


Due to the nature of the international mix of European residents living in the area, Mijas offers a very wide range of different types of restaurants and styles, whether you’re fancying a classic burger with chips, a fancy sushi dinner or a delicious pizza, you won’t fall short of options here.


But most importantly, the south of Spain is known for having extremely delicious and traditional Spanish food at lower prices compared with other areas of Spain. We are not very sure why this is but, we love it, and you will too. Cala de Mijas has some of the most exclusive Spanish restaurants due to the exclusivity of the area, so here are some of these restaurants.



Well, what can we say about the weather that you haven't heard before, is Spain! Some people don’t need a complete guide to make their choice on where to live, just tell them about the weather in Cala de Mijas and they will buy a property without a doubt.


The weather in Cala de Mijas has an all year average temperature of 27 degrees, with average highs reaching 31 degrees. This temperatures change your lifestyle and the way you go on to do things in your everyday life. There has been research made which concludes that living in this kind of weather conditions drastically improves your mood and even happiness.


Buyers tips


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