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Water and health has always played an important role in this small mountain village. This has everything to do with the hot springs of Aigues and their therapeutic effects. Water was the reason that, around 1800, a beautiful bathhouse, the "Balneario", was built and where wealthy Spaniards allowed themselves to indulge.

In 1936 the use of the bathhouse was changed and became Aigues hospital for children with tuberculosis. After the war, the building was purchased by the state and turned back into use as a bathhouse.

Now, the building is closed and there are only memories of past glory. All the outbuildings have been demolished and the main building is unused.

The trees on the mountainside of "Cabezon de Oro", close to the village, provide an unprecedented piece of Alicante. An area of pure tranquility at 350 metres above the Mediterranean Sea and only 23 kilometres from the city of Alicante.

The population of the village of Aigues is increasing and in 2011 was 1118. This growth is mainly because many foreign, home buyers have discovered Aigues.

Still talking about the place name….

Once the Aguas de Busot or the Aigues Busot or Aguas or Aigues. But since 1996, scholars agree, it should be Aigues. (which is Valencian)

House prices and development in Aigues:

In the village, there are mainly ancient village houses. Around the village are detached houses on large plots, often over 5000 m2. The prices are very dependent on the location and range between 100,000 and 400,000 euros.