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If someone mentions Benidorm you think of miles of beaches, sun, sea and fun; this is the main tourist enclave on the Mediterranean. The two largest beaches, Levante and Poniente and, inbetween, Cala del Mal Pas are always frequented by sun worshippers.

Striking is the famous skyline of Benidorm, which is strongly reminiscent of great American cities. Most noticeable are the Hotel Desk, the tallest hotel on the European mainland, and the new apartment building Intempo. This building, still under construction, is 200 metres high and has 64 floors, making it the highest residential building in Europe. Benidorm is taking the name Beni York!

Benidorm has succeeded through the years, attracting visitors who return annually. Also, though, Benidorm caters for young people. The theme parks such as, Aqualandia, Mundo Mar, Terra Natura and Terra Mitica attract the young generation.

After an enjoyable night out amongst the night life of Benidorm, we recommend a wonderful daytime sleep on the beach.

Benidorm in 1960 had around 6,000 residents, currently there are just over 65,000. But in the summer Benidorm breaks all records, when the city has more than 400,000 inhabitants

Playa Levante is for the sunrise and this sandy beach in Benidorm is 2,000 metres long and 40 metres wide. Large as it is, in the summer it easily fills.

Poniente beach is for the sunset and with a length of 3,200 metres and width of 80 metres is the largest beach in Benidorm.

Between is the small beach of Cala del Mal Pas,120 metres wide and completing the coastline of Benidorm.

Property prices in Benidorm:

The oversupply of apartments in Benidorm consists mainly of holiday apartments and account for around 90% of sales, with the remaining 10% comprising low-rise houses An apartment in Benidorm averages around 80 m2 and prices are between 1200 and 2000 euros per m2