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The most famous residential area within the municipality is Muchamiel is Bonalba Golf. The name Bonalba, translated as ‘beautiful dawn’, comes from the nearby ridge "Sierra de Bonalba". Like many courses in the Costa Blanca, houses have been built around the course and offer a pleasant place to live.

Bonalba Golf officially opened in 1995. Over the years, about 3000 homes have been built and have mainly been bought by golfers from Madrid and northern European countries.

This picture has now changed a bit. You could say that Bonalba has been discovered by people who have nothing to do with golf. The short distance toward the city of Alicante is ideal for people who work in Alicante but do not want to live there. The result of this change has produced a healthy mix of inhabitants.

Property prices on Bonalba Golf:

Apartments, between 75,000 and 175,000 euros

Terraced houses, between 120,000 and 220,000 euros.

Detached homes, between 225,000 and 375,000 euros.