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Calpe is instantly recognised by its impressive rock that looms form the Mediterranean Sea, called the " Rock of Ifach ". This huge, rocky outcrop is 332 metres high and is the trademark of Calpe.

Throughout history Calpe has been an important landmark. The Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims have all fought for Calpe. This not because of the Calpe’s excellent climate, but mainly because of Calpe’s strategic location!

The "Rock of Ifach", in front of the Calpe beach, was the strategic location. This was so especially in the period pre-18th century, when the Spanish Mediterranean coast was the target for sea bandits. Luckily, we are now more relaxed and choose Calpe for other reasons.

The mountains around are now included in the list of world natural beauties and form part of the many lovely trails in the Calpe area.

The daily fish auction is worth visiting on the quay of Calpe. The auction begins daily at 17.00 and lasts about 2 hours. Fishing is still an important source of income for Calpe.

Do you like walking? Then Calpe is perfect. The traditional paths, previously used by the farmers, are now well marked trails.

The sandy beaches of Calpe - the "Levante" or "La Fossa" beach to the north, and to the south the "CantalRoig" and "Arenal-Bol" beach form the bays of Calpe.

Construction and prices in Calpe:

In and around the centre of Calpe are mainly high-rise apartments.

Among the mountain slopes around Calpe are many detached homes.

The average property prices in Calpe are approximately 15% lower than in Altea.