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The beach and the promenade is where Spanish families go at the weekend to relax, so ensuring that El Campello retains its Spanish-village character. This is possible even though El Campello now has around 27,000 inhabitants.

Living in El Campello simply means living close to everything. There is a train to Alicante or Benidorm and Alicante airport is only 30 minutes by car.

Overall, you can see 23 km of coastline from El Campello, divided into 3 areas.

• From the centre of El Campello, Alicante direction, are high-rise apartments. Many of these apartments are owned by people from Madrid. From their door lies the longest sandy beach of El Campello, " Playa Muchavista "

• From the village El Campello, towards Benidorm is a hilly coastline with small beaches. On this coastline is a selection of villas in El Campello with beautiful sea views.

In this area of El Campello are - La Coveta Fuma, El Campello - Cala Dor, El Campello - Cala Merced and finally La Venta La Nuza; all with villas on plots of mainly 800 m2. The size of the dwelling, building quality and location are decisive for the price. For unique detached villas the prices can be in excess of a million euros.

• The village of El Campello has a mix of flats and low-rise houses. Near the beach and promenade of El Campello, the buildings are over shops. The main shopping streets are Calle San Bartolome and Avenida de La Generalidad.

Two Roman temples, one in honour of the god of the sea and the other to the goddess of fertility, are no longer there. There are only the foundations on the headland at the old lighthouse of El Campello. The tower of El Campello, built in1554, can still be seen.

On the quay is a building where fishermen gather at 17.00 every weekday afternoon with their fresh catch of the day. You can go to this fish auction as an individual and buy fish for domestic use. Even if you are not going to buy, it is definitely worth seeing.

Property prices and construction in El Campello:

El Campello – South, towards Alicante, 90% high-rise apartments. Prices around 1750 euros per m2

El Campello - Centre, 50% high-rise and 50% terraced houses. Property prices in this part of El Campello are around 2000 euros per m2.

El Campello - North, towards Benidorm, 90% detached houses. Prices between 200,000 and 600,000 euros for a detached house.