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Best known for its road with roundabouts up from Benidorm to La Nucía. There are five. Roundabout number 1 is located in the village of La Nucia and the last, number 5, is in Benidorm

A major attraction is the flea market every Sunday in the industrial area "L" Alberca ". With more than 900 stalls, it’s possible to find anything.

Like many places in this area, the name La Nucía is originated from Arabic. The Arabic name was "Naziba" and if you know a bit of Arabic you will know that it means lovely or delightful.

The most known urbanisations of La Nucía are Barranco Hondo, Bello Horizont and El Tossal. Here you will find mainly detached and terraced houses.

In the past, inhabitants of La Nucía were primarily engaged in picking almonds, dates and olives. Today, it is mainly tourism. La Nucía is very popular with people from outside Spain. As many as 43% of the more than 15,000 inhabitants are not Spanish.

The surrounding mountains of La Nucía are impressive. From the mountain "Monte del Calvario" there is a great view of La Nucía, Altea, Altea Bay and the beaches.

Housing prices and construction in La Nucía:

Mainly low-rise, detached houses and terraced houses. Prices for these homes range between 150,000€ and 350,000€.