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Muchamiel, or Mutxamel, makes for some confusion in your Tom Tom! Mutxamel is the Valencian version for the same place, Muchamiel.

Muchamiel aerodrome is for small aeroplanes, with a runway of 850 metres and 11 meters wide, it is used mainly by enthusiasts and small businesses. Its big brother is Alicante airport, located 18 kilometres away.

The expansion of the area is divided into several residential areas; Bonalba Golf, Rio Park and Valle Del Sol, the most famous.

The first water-irrigation system was invented in Muchamiel. Fed with water from the Rio Monnegre, this created much gardening and Muchamiel got the name, the garden of Alicante. The Muchamiel tomatoes are still known for their special flavour.

Because of its location close to the city of Alicante, originally many wealthy, elite residents from the Alicante lived in Muchamiel, in spacious residences. These were often used as a second home for the summer.

Today Muchamiel especially benefits from its convenient location, being a short distance from the airport, the city of Alicante, the university and the beaches.

If you happen to be in Muchamiel in September, a visit to the festivals of the Moros and Cristianos is a delight.

 Property prices and construction in Muchamiel:

In Muchamiel, you will find predominantly low-rise, consisting of detached houses. There are also low-rise apartment buildings with up to 6 floors.

The average price for a 3 bedroom house in Muchamiel is around € 275.000, -. Apartments around € 150,000, -