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The town began around 1800 with 2 observation towers and a number of houses where the workers lived and worked on the salt lakes.

Nowadays,Torrevieja has more than 100,000 inhabitants.

"Torre La Mata" and "La Torre Vieja” were the 2 towers from where the Mediterranean was safeguarded in readiness from attacks by sea bandits. The name of one of the towers "Torre Vieja" is the origin of the name Torrevieja.

The city arms of Torrevieja also has the image of a tower, but slightly damagd. This is to commemorate the earthquake that struck Torrevieja in 1829.

 Beaches and bays suffice in Torrevieja, the most important are the "Playa la Mata" and Playa de los Locos "

The port of Torrevieja is large and has 570 berths. There is a size limit of 50 metres for a boat.

 "Parque del Molino" is a large nature reserve and a protected bird sanctuary on the north side of Torrevieja, extending to Santa Pola. This includes a swampy area in which the salt lakes are located.

 Housing prices and construction in Torrevieja:

Large, sprawling, low-rise suburbs of terraced houses and apartments. Prices in these areas are between 35,000 and 75,000 euros per home. In the centre of Torrevieja and sea locations you must assume double this amount.