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Long preparation.
After a long preparation it was time for us to make our dream come true: to buy a house in Spain to settle there with our children.

Lots of rules and paperwork.
Buying a house in Spain means that you have to deal with a lot of rules, a lot of paperwork and unfortunately also with unreliable people and incorrect papers.

We wanted to take this step with someone with the necessary knowledge, empathy and reliability.

Different real estate agents emailed.
We emailed several Dutch and Belgian real estate agents to indicate what our plans were, asking them how they could help us with that. It is a big step and it is very desirable to get the help of someone who listens to what you are looking for and why.

The subsequent calls from various real estate agents were disappointing. Many real estate agents did not really listen or give the answers we were looking for.

This immediately felt good.
Until Rinus from Houses In Spain called us. This immediately felt good! He listened, asked specific questions and gave clear feedback. We knew for sure: With Rinus we dared to take this step.

A choice that we had absolutely no regrets about!

Pleasant and skilfully assisted.
Rinus has been a rock in a chaotic time. From the selection of houses, viewings, the papers to the actual purchase, Rinus has assisted us comfortably and skillfully. A move to Spain with two children is not nothing. Here too, Rinus has provided us with very useful information.

Great guidance of Houses In Spain is highly recommended.
Meanwhile we live with our children in Spain and we realize very often that without the help of Rinus it would have been very different. We are very grateful to Rinus and can recommend the great guidance of Houses in Spain to everyone!


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