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For many years it has been our dream to buy a house in Spain. In the summer of 2014 and 2015 we had made agreements on our own with some real estate agents to view houses. At one of these visits we met Rinus van Vliet, as a agent for one of the sellers.  

Afterwards we visited the office of Houses In Spain to discuss our wishes. He advised us to look further. "It will be all right, there will be something you want" was his opinion.

So we searched the internet again. And with success. A beautiful house in Busot with a good price. First we went to see for ourselves through the fence and immediately had a good feeling about the place. We e-mailed Rinus and he immediately made an appointment on short notice (for the next day!). For us this was the place and according to Rinus a golden find.

From that moment on, everything went into overdrive.

Thanks to the help of Rinus and his team who checked all the information around the house and arranged everything for us including NIE number, opening bank account and notary etc etc., we (read Rinus with power of attorney) signed the preliminary purchase contract within a week.

Back in the Netherlands we arranged the financing further and in September 2015 the transfer could take place. Also this was arranged to our complete satisfaction by Rinus with a power of attorney from us without us being present. We picked up the keys from him when we first went to our "own" house in Spain.

Also in the following months and still Rinus helps us with all kinds of things. For example, the water was about to be shut down (Rinus HELP), in a hurry he arranged that the invoice was paid and that the water supply was maintained. This saved us unnecessarily high costs.

Not only the contact with Rinus but also the contact with other employees of Houses In Spain is smooth and pleasant. Service and friendliness are of utmost importance.

Because everything was taken care of down to the last detail for us, we did not have a single sleepless night with regard to the purchase of our house in Spain. Our gratitude therefore is immense.

We only have had positive experiences and we can highly recommend Houses in Spain to other prospective home buyers in Spain.


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