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Good advice from an experienced and reliable entrepreneur in Spain

We had been planning to buy a house in Spain for some time now. Via via we came into contact with Rinus from the real estate agency Houses in Spain.
Clearly someone who has been doing this before.
Already during the first meeting we had a very good feeling about his approach, knowledge and experience in buying a house in Spain. He asked good questions to make us think and not a push. Agents in the Netherlands still can learn from this. Clearly someone who had done this before.

Regularly visited the website of Houses in Spain.
We regularly visited the website of Houses In Spain and after a year or so we saw an interesting house. Rinus immediately organized an appointment for a viewing with the seller. In addition, he then selected a number of other houses that we could also view. On that basis we booked the plane tickets for a day viewing houses in Spain.

The house we came for was sold.
A week before the viewing we received a phone call from Rinus that the house was sold by the seller through another real estate agent. This while the seller had promised to keep the house until our arrival. Our first choice, the house we came for was sold.

A very good change.
In the meantime, Rinus had seen the adjoining house for sale (not one from his portfolio) and as an alternative had made an appointment with the French
A long story short, we finally managed to get hold of that house and are very satisfied with the purchase.

Professional and service-oriented.
The way in which Rinus has helped us with the negotiation, the establishment of a temporary purchase contract, passing by the notary, bringing us into contact with the relevant (government) institutions, is very professional and service-providing. Requesting NIE numbers, water and electricity to name, even tips for a bed store and contractor. Nothing is too much for him.

Houses In Spain is highly recommended for anyone who wants to successfully buy a house in Spain.
In summary, we can only say that we are very professionally and pleasantly helped. We still like to visit him at his office to chat or to receive the latest tips.


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