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Great way of working, great knowledge, great network for all other matters.

Directly in love with the Costa Blanca
10 years ago we, Luck and Louisa from Houten with 2 children, for the first time visited the Costa Blanca with friends for a weekend. We were directly in love with the Costa Blanca, the relaxed Spanish atmosphere, nice villages and beautiful beaches. We buy a house, or first an option on a plot of land and then put something on it ourselves. Our demands were high and budget not inexhaustible. All these years we rented a house in the autumn holidays in this area.

Each time a negative experience richer
During those holidays we went with real estate agents in Spain to see houses. Our preference was then usually just sold. Or a Spanish real estate agent who at the end indicated "sorry this piece has already been sold, but I still have something else for sale" didn't feel right either. Each time a negative experience richer.

Eventually via Google we found the real estate agency Houses in Spain.
Back in the Netherlands in 2015 we searched on Google for "Real estate agent, Spain, Trusted, Dutch, Costa Blanca, Busot, El Campello". That's how we ended up with the name Rinus van Vliet, from the real estate agency Houses In Spain. Through existing contacts we asked if he was reliable and he was.

Trust never ashamed
Then we called Rinus and that phone call turned our lives upside down, in a positive sense.
After my phone call I immediately gave Rinus 100% confidence and to this day this is never ashamed. Reliable, honest, sincere, knowledgeable, always helpful, flexible, before and after the sale.

Good planning made
In the first week of March 2016 we went to Spain to visit houses. We had already looked at all kinds of sites and made a selection. Rinus had made a good planning and we could see everything at our own leisure.

We visited 4 houses from our own selection and 3 from the portfolio of Houses in Spain. In his advice he never expressed a preference for the houses from his own portfolio.

It has became house from our own selection.
He negotiated for us with the owners of the 2 houses that we liked, based on our budget and possibilities. On the 19th of May we put our signature on a notarial deed of sale. It became a house from our own selection.

After the purchase we did a major renovation. Also in negotiations and coordination for the renovation Rinus has been our support and stay.

Real estate agency Houses In Spain highly recommended
We recommend the estate agents office Houses in Spain to all our friends and acquaintances with a 100% good feeling. People who are in doubt can call us for details. Feel free to ask for our phone number at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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