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Buying a house in Spain, exciting!
We, Wim and Ria Dukker, are retired and have a small Bed & Breakfast in the German Eifel. It is only open during the summer season. In the winter we would like to stay in sunny Spain. After having looked around on the Spanish housing market in the summer of 2013, we rented a house in Spain for 3 months in the winter. During our follow-up search in Spain and on the Internet we came across the website of Houses in Spain with lots of useful purchase information.

Good advisor, pure necessity
We have chosen to keep the search for a house in Spain in our own hands. But because buying a house in Spain is a completely different process than in the Netherlands and we do not have sufficient command of the Spanish language, it was clear from the beginning that we had to hire a good advisor (Gestor).
A Gestor is someone who helps you through the administrative procedures when buying a house in Spain, a kind of purchase executor. He makes sure that you don't fall into all kinds of pitfalls that could have been prevented. Think of investigating the Spanish land register (are there no debts on it?), requesting your N.I.E. number, opening a Spanish bank account, looking for a good notary, and much more.

Rinus and Thomas
So we have chosen for Rinus and Thomas from Houses in Spain. Already during the intake interview we felt at ease. Rinus and Thomas know the Spanish market like the back of their hand, have an extensive network, and know what a house in Spain can cost. But that's not all. For example, Thomas queued up at the police station in Alicante at 7 a.m. to make sure we got an N.I.E. on the same day. Even our sales party benefited from Rinus being our advisor. During the handover of the house at the notary's, he pointed out to their Gestor in fluent Spanish that he would do well to arrange a certain form for his clients himself! (instead of sending them into the woods).
In short; Houses in Spain is highly recommended if you want advice when buying a house in Spain and don't know how to act and don't speak the language! We are very pleased to speak about these men!


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