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Rinus a great man who takes care of everything perfectly

Good advice.
After many searches in other countries we came into contact with a someone who had already bought a house in Spain, El Campello. He advised us to contact Rinus of office Houses in Spain before buying a house in Spain.

No second regret.
Because Spain real estate agents are in a negative image, we were really looking for someone who could be trusted. So we took advantage of this advice and never regretted it for a second.

Felt good from the first minute.
Our first appointment with Rinus felt good from the very first minute.

We already had a preference.
We had already preferred a number of houses over the internet that we wanted to see. But it was also not too much for Rinus to see a number of other houses. Even houses that were not in his portfolio.

After fairly quick consultation we bought a house.

Everything pico bello prepared.
Rinus has everything pico bello prepared for us. Translations, NIE number, taxes, bank account, notary. Everything that comes with a transfer. You don't have to worry about anything, even after the sale he'll be there for you at any time.

Remember one name.
If you still want to buy a house in Spain, don't hesitate. Remember one name Rinus van Vliet!

Rinus and dear Inge, Thank you for everything.

Do you have a question?
Call: 0034 699775233
Mail: info@housesinspain.com

Every day, over 20 people call for information.