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Second home... holiday home in Spain... how do you do that...

Suddenly you're looking for a real estate agent. Then you start reading... beautiful stories... fixed map, you think...

Below is our short story about the acquaintance and experiences with Rinus. If you call him, you will get my number, then I will tell you personally how well Rinus has helped us.

I came across real estate agent Rinus from Houses in Spain through a friend of mine. He had bought a house in Spain 8 years ago and had good experiences with him. So we decided to work with Rinus as well. That was my best step ever to buy a house in Spain! He has prepared everything from A to Z and carried out everything with 'Deutsche Gründlichkeit'. From finding, purchasing, researching, regulations on the Costa's, notary, town, insurance and even the opening of a Spanish bank account to it! You also notice that he is critical of what you want to buy. He wants to feel good about it himself. If you come up with something that he doesn't support, he will show you carefully. Even after the house has been bought, the enormous attention and service will continue. Rinus occasionally acts as an interpreter, gives the names of various professionals on request and is willing to provide a sounding board for anything and everything.

To describe people like Rinus with the word 'broker' doesn't really do justice to his unbridled efforts to please the (prospective) buyer.

Thank you very much Rinus!


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