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Theyre fast, helpful, great in one word

There are an incredible number of things coming at you
Buying a house in Spain. For many a dream. But when it really is that far, an incredible amount of things will come at you. We were lucky that our friends alerted us of Rinus and Roy from Houses In Spain. We called them and a day later Roy went with us to the sales agent.
They helped us with everything
From that moment on, they've helped us with everything. From guiding you in starting up your banking business, helping you arrange an appointment at the Spanish consulate for an NIE number, checking the purchase, the notary, the lawyer up to and including the very last advice you need. And that's priceless when you're back in The Netherlands. In one word, great.
Fast and helpful
They are fast, helpful and understand very well that you don't really know much about it.
A golden tip
The involvement of Rinus and Roy from Houses in Spain has taken an enormous weight off our shoulders since day 1. The men turned out to be a golden tip; we would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a house in Spain.

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