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Without the professional approach of Houses In Spain we would have dropped out

We were 2 years actively looking for a nice house on the Costa Blanca. We knew the area  very well by our holidays on the Costa Blanca. And always had the quiet hope of buying a villa themselves.
With numerous brokers we searched the coastline of the Costa Blanca and the hinterland.

In our search for a house on the Costa we met Rinus & Thomas from "Houses in Spain". Through their easily accessible and clear website they struck us. So just drove by their office for a coffee. Our impression: Very driven with an excellent knowledge of the housing market. Humorous full of passion for their work and especially "to the point".

With their approach and information about the entire buying process and the support during the process, they stand head and shoulders above the other real estate agents.

They don't let you swim in a jungle of rules. Rinus gave us an extensive explanation about the state of affairs of the purchase of a house in Spain, without any obligation whatsoever. A clear explanation about the role of the notary, the NIE number, the Spanish bank account and the settlement of the purchase with the Spanish tax authorities and so on.

Rinus is very close to the buyer, even though he was the selling real estate agent. He entered into very sharp negotiations with the seller. And informed us continuously by mail. So we came to a deal and bought for the price we had in mind.

Encouraged by all kinds of Spanish Indian stories from third parties and the statement "Trust is good, but control is better" we also hired an independent advisor. In retrospect, it would not have been necessary and we could have saved those euros. The hired consultant was quite impressed by the knowledge and professional approach of Houses In Spain. Rinus always received compliments from the consultant.

We are very pleased with our property in El Campello. Right by the sea with beautiful views over the sea and the coast. Actually we are a bit proud of it. Our children are also proud of "Villa Elefante" the name they have given to our house in Spain.

Buying a house in Spain is very different than in the Netherlands. The notary is more hesitant and does not control everything, unlike in the Netherlands.
What about the existing mortgage, how about the mortgage registration, how is the registration in the public register drawn up, what business expenses burden on the house. What about the fiscal and inheritance regime in Spain? These are all questions that we have put to Rinus & Thomas. And to which we have received adequate answers. In Spain you need a confidential advisor. Persons on whom you can blindly "rely". That is why we are very pleased with our introduction to "Houses in Spain" and with the honest and professional support of Rinus & Thomas.

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