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Without this great guidance we wouldnt have been able and dare to do this

For a long time we had plans to buy a second home in Spain.
After looking around on the internet, we decided to contact a local real estate agent and visit some of the properties.
If we were lucky, we chose Houses in Spain, so we called Rinus.

First conversation immediately a good feeling.
The first conversation with Rinus was very pleasant and immediately gave us a good feeling.

A few weeks after our first contact we sat at the table with Rinus and Thomas. After this introductory meeting in which Rinus mainly wanted to know what conditions our second home had to meet, we went to see some houses. Because what looks so beautiful in a photo can be disappointing in reality.

But Rinus already had a good idea what we were looking for, so he took us to a small urbanization a half hour drive from Alicante. This house fully met our needs.

The sale was quickly closed.
Back in the Netherlands, this house did not let us go. We looked further to other homes but each time we came back to this house. It felt very good.
Soon it was decided to make an offer. With Rinus as real estate agent, the sale was quickly concluded.

Financial and notarial settlement perfectly arranged.
Then came the financial and notarial settlement, Rinus has arranged this perfectly for us.
Without his great guidance, we could not and would not have dared to do this.

Rinus, Thomas and Inge, thank you very much!

We are sure that we will be able to enjoy our home in Tibi with family and friends for many years to come.

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