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Our experiences buying a house with House In Spain.


Great agency and professional, friendly people

The Hague, the Netherlands - Busot Alicante, Spain, 1 February 2023

Great agency and professional, friendly people.

Thanks to them,
I felt at home from the very beginning and the whole process went great.

Absolutely to be recommended and repeated.
Best, Maria Ruszel

Fang Ting 31 01 23

We are very happy with Roy's honest and positive help

Alicante, Spanje - Tibi, Spanje, 12 February 2023

Honest and positive help.
Roy, the professional agent in Houses In Spain, was the key person in buying our house in Tibi.

We found the right house, and we bought it with reliable advice and the positive help of Roy
We trust Roy completely.

Koopakte tekenen bij de Spanse notaris

Rinus, Naomi, Geert and Roy, without you it would not have been possible

Ommen, the Netherlands - Santa Pola, Spain, 11 March 2019

In 2017 we met Rinus from Houses In Spain for the first time

A bungalow in El Campello was for sale on the website . During the viewing we noticed that Rinus is an estate agent with experience and knows exactly which roads to walk in Spain. In the end, this was not the house we were looking for, but Rinus remained at the back of our mind.

Guidance as a buying agent

After a long search on the Costa Blanca and many viewings at various estate agents, we have found a dream spot in Santa Pola. We asked Rinus if he wanted to advise us as a purchasing agent, to which he immediately replied "I think it would be great fun, we will do it".

Ensure that all data and documents are correct

The Houses In Spain team have super-guided us throughout the entire procedure; checking the property register, checking the mortgage and attachments on the property, etc. Rinus was also present with Naomi during the transfer at the notary to ensure that all data and documents were correct.

Rinus, Naomi, Geert and Roy, you have taken away a lot of headaches for us. Thank you for that. It would not have been possible without you.

"Houses In Spain" The right place in Spain

Are you just like we were, looking for a reliable estate agent on the Costa Blanca? Then you are at the right place with the estate agency team Houses In Spain.

Anne Marie en Nuri 2

At Houses In Spain you can count on everything being arranged properly

Rotterdam, Netherlands - Bonalba, Muchamiel, Spain, 5 June 2019

Settling on the Costa Blanca

After having had a home in Turkey for more than 10 years and having sold it, and after 2 years of renting, our desire for a place of our own under the sun started to bubble up again. This time we wanted to go to Spain, which had stolen our hearts after leaving Turkey. In November 2018 we started to orientate ourselves and did our first viewing trip around the Costa Blanca South, but since we had also seen some beautiful properties at Houses In Spain, we then ended up with Rinus on the Costa Blanca North. We were soon convinced: we wanted to search in that region! More of a real Spanish feeling for us!

Great investment for now and in the future

That first time we did not find what we were looking for, but remained in contact with Rinus and, later, Roy. A few months later we went looking again, this time with Roy and it was a success! Not the apartment we initially came for, but a beautiful villa with swimming pool on Bonalba. Since we are still working in the coming years and this villa had good rental potential, this is a great investment for us now and in the future!

Naomi and Geert of great use

Roy and Rinus provided us with excellent assistance up to and including the notary and the necessary banking matters. The lawyer Naomi and her husband Geert, associated with their office, also proved to be of great use. They also arranged the steps to be taken after the transfer and even helped us with practical problems when we were unable to be in Spain and when it became necessary.

Happy and satisfied with the purchase of our Casa del Sol!

All in all, if you are thinking of finding a place under the sun, but are a little afraid of buying in Spain, with the guidance of Houses In Spain you can count on this being arranged properly! We are very happy and satisfied with the purchase of our Casa del Sol!

Juud en Corine Holla

They're fast, helpful, great in one word

The Hague Netherlands - Alicante, Spain, 20 April 2019

There are an incredible number of things coming at you
Buying a house in Spain. For many a dream. But when it really is that far, an incredible amount of things will come at you. We were lucky that our friends alerted us of Rinus and Roy from Houses In Spain. We called them and a day later Roy went with us to the sales agent.
They helped us with everything
From that moment on, they've helped us with everything. From guiding you in starting up your banking business, helping you arrange an appointment at the Spanish consulate for an NIE number, checking the purchase, the notary, the lawyer up to and including the very last advice you need. And that's priceless when you're back in The Netherlands. In one word, great.
Fast and helpful
They are fast, helpful and understand very well that you don't really know much about it.
A golden tip
The involvement of Rinus and Roy from Houses in Spain has taken an enormous weight off our shoulders since day 1. The men turned out to be a golden tip; we would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a house in Spain.

Harry en Antoinette Sielemann

We needed a professional

Zoetermeer, Netherlands - Alicante, Spain, 19 March 2019

When we bought our apartment in Spain we needed a professional who knew Dutch and Spanish and could help us with the bureaucratic mess you inevitably run into. This is how we came into contact with Rinus van Vliet from Houses in Spain.

Knowledge of the Spanish housing market

We have come to know Rinus as a friendly, tranquil man with a lot of knowledge of the Spanish housing market in general and the local housing market, in our case Alicante, Costa Blanca in particular.

Knowledge of the Spanish formalities

It is a pleasure to be supported by Rinus during a Spanish buying process with very different, formal and especially informal, rules. This is because he has lots of experience with the formalities but also with the typical Spanish culture and habits so that he can provide you with the best possible information and at the same time give you lots of background information and historical awareness.
Enthusiastic and, where necessary, firmly bites into the ground

He enthusiastically takes you along in the fascinating and sometimes unimaginable process of buying a home in Spain. He takes all the time for you, is always easy to reach, makes expert decisions, is able to negotiate a lot and, where necessary, bites his teeth into it in order to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly for you in the end. All this in a pleasant, very personal and relaxed way with a lot of laughter.

Happy with the result

In the end we are very happy with the result and our 'own house, a place under the sun' and wanted to cooperate with his request to describe how we experienced the guidance of purchasing our apartment, which we had found ourselves.

We recommend collaboration with Rinus from Houses in Spain wholeheartedly!

Sandy Marnach

Without Rinus and Roy from Houses in Spain, we wouldn't have made it

Wahlhausen, Luxembourg - Muchamiel, Alicante, 21 February 2019

We immediately fell in love with this landscape, this incredible view from the large terrace of the apartment of our acquaintances. Sea and mountain views, simply heavenly, but all the apartments seemed to have been sold.
When we were home one day, we suddenly heard that in this complex, there was still an apartment for sale. The very last one. Then began the "chaos" of the buying process that we would never have been able to do without Rinus and Roy from Houses in Spain.

Excellent knowledge of Spanish real estate
We had to rely completely on Roy, who did a good job despite the high pressure. He arranged almost everything for us, from a visit to the apartment, photos, explanations of various forms, assistance with numerous documents to the opening of our account at a Spanish bank. Roy has an excellent knowledge of Spanish real estate.

Countless documents to control money laundering because we are from Luxembourg
Not to mention the numerous account statements and documents that we had to provide because of money laundering controls, because we are from Luxembourg. Rinus went to the seller several times, which was a Spanish bank, because some kind of documents might be missing. Without Rinus and Roy, we would have given up to this point.

Rinus' indescribable support for agreements with the selling bank and the notary
On the most important day, at the notary's office, the appointment, which had been postponed several times, threatened to fail again at the last minute (10 minutes before the appointment), but thanks to Rinus' many years of experience and ability to improvise, we were able to sign the notarial deed of sale!

Always an open ear and a quick solution
Which was very important to us; these men are so kind, just great. Whatever happens, they always have an open ear and quickly find a solution to all "problems". This sympathetic approach, nothing was too much for them, something you don't often find anymore.

Without the team of Houses In Spain we would not have been able to make this purchase
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rinus and Roy and the whole team of Huizen In Spanje. Without them we would not have been able to make this purchase. We are happy to have met you, that makes this world even more beautiful.

A dream that came true thanks to Rinus and Roy, A warm hug, you are super!

Overdracht de Wit

We are very pleased with the guidance

Nijmegen, Netherlands - Relleu, Alicante, Spanje, 22 January 2019

Very easy to contact Roy
Via via we ended up on the website Huizen In Spanje (Houses In Spain) where we saw a house that could suit us. It was very easy to get in touch with Roy van Huizen In Spain and some time later we went to Spain to have a look at some of the houses. Roy accompanied us.

No pressure at all, plenty of room to think carefully about our decision.
In order not to go to fast, we visited the house we had in mind a second time, also together with Roy. What we liked immediately was the fact that no pressure was put on us to buy something and that we were given every opportunity to think carefully about our decision. Very nice!

The support was fantastic
The support for the notary transfer by Rinus was fantastic. He arranged the contact with the bank and the notary so that everything went extremely smooth.

Naomi Martínez Navarro, An absolute gem
Rinus and Roy also introduced us to Naomi Martínez Navarro. She is a lawyer and a business agent. She took care of all matters after the transfer (e.g. payment to the notary, transfer of electricity and water, etc.). She now also takes care of our tax matters in Spain. She does this very meticulously and also speaks very good Dutch! An absolute gem.

In short, we are very pleased about the guidance of Houses In Spain with the purchase of our home in Spain.


A meticulous and fine team that supports you in word and deed

Monnickendam, Netherlands - El Campello, Spain, 20 November 2018

How it started

We met fellow townsmen who were working with Rinus and Roy van Huizen in Spain for the purchase of a house in the town of Busot on the Costa Blanca. These people Frank and Joke also from Monnickendam were so enthusiastic about the guidance of Houses in Spain that after our wanderings in Portugal we decided to buy something in Spain.

First contact

We made contact and were treated very kindly by mail and phone. We discussed our interests and planned a date to visit El Campello. That town stole our hearts in that area looking for an object within our budget.

Viewings in Spain

We went out with Roy and looked at houses that we had looked up ourselves on the Internet. Even though those first houses weren't in the portfolio of Huizen In Spanje, they made every effort for us. Nothing was too much.

Passed on the last day

By a coincidental remark from us on the last day that we were in Spain, that it could also be a jobsite, we visited with Roy a house right by the sea in El Campello. It had to be that house.

Flexible without stress

We are very well helped in negotiations that went step by step by Rinus and Roy. The notarial part went very smoothly and we are not stressed by sudden bears on the road.

Rebuild the purchase around now

We are now the proud owners of this house right by the sea. And we feel very happy We are working on a small renovation and are helped with everything that comes our way. We can certainly recommend the guidance by Houses in Spain for purchase. A precise and fine team is ready to advise and assist you. Thank you to the best!

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An adventure, buying a house in Spain

Heusden Netherlands - Mutxamel Spain, 14 November 2018

It is an adventure, buying a house in Spain for us as Dutchmen. You don't speak the language and are looking for a 100% reliable partner to help you in this search.

Website search, word of mouth advertising etc. With us the last one.

From the beginning "apartment found" that suited us, to the passing of the deed with the Spanish notary The full support of all the steps needed with windfalls and setbacks.

We can summarize that in one sentence: Find a house in Spain that can be done at its best with "Houses In Spain", because that is where people understand and do everything to make it a piece of cake. At the same time, we can also find a house in Spain that can be done with "Houses in Spain",

Thank you Rinus and the team!

Mark Buitenhek

Reliable, fast, flexible and sharp

Drunen Netherlands - Bonalba Mutxamel Spain, 7 October 2018

After years of looking around, it suddenly happened. We ran into a house in Spain that we both loved.

Reliable partner on the spot
But soon it became clear that in Spain you can't do without a reliable partner on the spot. Someone who can guide you through the complex landscape of purchase, negotiation and administrative and legal settlement.
Roy and Rinus from Houses In Spain were not only reliable but also fast, flexible and sharp.

To the utmost to help us
Until the very last moment they were there for us and really went to the extreme to help us. They did it themselves and with their extensive network.
House in Spain? Feel free to go to Houses in Spain!

Muchas gracias!

Fam Wiering

Nothing was too much for them, they're just the best

Monnickendam Netherlands - Busot Spain, 26 June 2018

We accidentally ended up on the site of Houses In Spain and looked at it a lot.

The houses and the area appealed to us and we sent an email for information about Costa Blanca.

We were immediately answered to our questions and it felt very familiar. Rinus and Roy asked us what we were looking for and went to work for us.

In January we went to Spain. We have been on the road with Roy for 3 days and we saw many houses in our price range and according to our wishes.
There were 2 houses left that we wished to see again, so we returned in March. Our choice then fell on a house in Busot.

Rinus and Roy have arranged so much for us, nothing was too much for them. They are just the best. Great people and we learned a lot from them.

Even after the purchase of our house they are still there for us.

So we recommend everyone who wants to buy a house in Spain to go to Rinus, Roy or their employees. Thanks for everything.

Fam Teuling

Lands wise, lands honor

Sint Oedenrode Netherlands - El Campello Spain, 17 May 2018

Every country has its own habits and you have to adapt to them. If you take that into account, buying a house in Spain is not that difficult. It is important to have contact with a real estate agency that knows the rules and customs well. What Houses In Spain really excelled in is the explanation, the help with processing the paperwork at the bank and the opening of the different accounts.

Thanks for your help, Rinus.

Fam Vermeij

Second home... holiday home in Spain... how do you do that...

Reeuwijk Netherlands - El Campello Spain, 9 April 2018

Suddenly you're looking for a real estate agent. Then you start reading... beautiful stories... fixed map, you think...

Below is our short story about the acquaintance and experiences with Rinus. If you call him, you will get my number, then I will tell you personally how well Rinus has helped us.

I came across real estate agent Rinus from Houses in Spain through a friend of mine. He had bought a house in Spain 8 years ago and had good experiences with him. So we decided to work with Rinus as well. That was my best step ever to buy a house in Spain! He has prepared everything from A to Z and carried out everything with 'Deutsche Gründlichkeit'. From finding, purchasing, researching, regulations on the Costa's, notary, town, insurance and even the opening of a Spanish bank account to it! You also notice that he is critical of what you want to buy. He wants to feel good about it himself. If you come up with something that he doesn't support, he will show you carefully. Even after the house has been bought, the enormous attention and service will continue. Rinus occasionally acts as an interpreter, gives the names of various professionals on request and is willing to provide a sounding board for anything and everything.

To describe people like Rinus with the word 'broker' doesn't really do justice to his unbridled efforts to please the (prospective) buyer.

Thank you very much Rinus!

Familie Barink

Huge knowledge of the market and a wonderful down-to-earth view of everything

Doorwerth Netherlands - Bonalba Muchamiel, 19 April 2017

The purchase of our Spanish house was certainly not an impulse purchase. It took us a few years. From the moment we knew for sure what the area was where we wanted to buy something, we came into contact with Rinus of the real estate agency Houses In Spain.

He has guided us very well with the purchase. Rinus took all the time to show us around in the Spanish jungle of rules and we also gratefully made use of his vast knowledge of the market.

During our search Rinus has really thought along with us very well and fully empathized with our situation.

Once we had found the house that practically met all our criteria, Rinus helped us with the negotiations and the formal handover. Everything went smoothly. And we still call Rinus regularly if we want advice on anything again.

Looking back, we are very happy and grateful for all the help Rinus has given us. If you are in the same phase as we were a few years ago, please call Rinus and make use of his knowledge and his wonderful down-to-earth view of everything.

Birgit Engeldinger

Rinus has guided us flawlessly through all the obstacles

Wahlhausen Luxembourg - Muchamiel Spain, 24 March 2017

It was a bit queasy for us before buying an apartment in Spain, because we neither speak Spanish nor knew anything about the administrative conditions of this country. Fortunately, we came across Rinus, who guided us perfectly through all the obstacles and was always available for even the smallest of problems.

Many thanks from Luxembourg for Rinus and the entire real estate office, Houses In Spain.

Villa la Metlla de Mar Peter en Ingrid van Linschoten

An indispensable role in the purchasing process

Haren Netherlands - La Ametlla de Mar Catalonië Spain, 5 January 2017

Rinus has helped us with the purchase of a villa in Catalonia. He has supported us a lot in this process. We were perfectly informed by him and he was always available for questions and advice.

Both in the discussions with the bank and in the negotiations with the other party, he played an indispensable role.

He also took care of the necessary legal checks. Rinus checked all Spanish-language documents and procedures and identified the cases that were not correct. The contact with him was very pleasant.

He was our support and stay in a rather exciting time!

Auk Benschop

Our experiences: pleasant, reliable, punctual, knowledge of the facts

Assen Netherlands - Bonalba Muchamiel Spain, 6 October 2016

After years of searching on the internet and on numerous home sites, we found our ideal home in Spain at the beginning of 2016. The property was for sale on the site of real estate agency Houses In Spain in El Campello.

Well, what if you don't speak the language and don't know the laws and regulations concerning the sale and purchase of real estate in Spain.

To make a long story short, we sent Rinus from real estate agency Houses In Spain just an email for information. Many mails and phone calls with Rinus were made since then. He answered the many questions we had in a correct and clear way. There was not a moment a "no go" point arose.

This has led to the next step to make, viewing the house on the spot. Therefore we made an appointment with Rinus. In Spain he has guided us in a great way. Many hours with each other and a number of times visited the house. Eventually we made an offer and the sale was concluded.

Rinus and employees have guided us "on the hand" through the entire purchase process. There was not a single moment of stress or uncertainty about time, procedures, payments, etc.

Even after the purchase, he was/is ready for us with questions and practical problems, such as energy connections and insurances.

Our experiences: pleasant, reliable, punctual, knowledge of business, network of people who are important, but above all people.

The experiences of others, as described below and which we read before we started the adventure, are recognizable and can share them. Our dream has become reality.


Everything was taken care of down to the last detail and we didn't have a single sleepless night

Amsterdam Netherlands - Busot Spain, 13 September 2016

For many years it has been our dream to buy a house in Spain. In the summer of 2014 and 2015 we had made agreements on our own with some real estate agents to view houses. At one of these visits we met Rinus van Vliet, as a agent for one of the sellers.

Afterwards we visited the office of Houses In Spain to discuss our wishes. He advised us to look further. "It will be all right, there will be something you want" was his opinion.

So we searched the internet again. And with success. A beautiful house in Busot with a good price. First we went to see for ourselves through the fence and immediately had a good feeling about the place. We e-mailed Rinus and he immediately made an appointment on short notice (for the next day!). For us this was the place and according to Rinus a golden find.

From that moment on, everything went into overdrive.

Thanks to the help of Rinus and his team who checked all the information around the house and arranged everything for us including NIE number, opening bank account and notary etc etc., we (read Rinus with power of attorney) signed the preliminary purchase contract within a week.

Back in the Netherlands we arranged the financing further and in September 2015 the transfer could take place. Also this was arranged to our complete satisfaction by Rinus with a power of attorney from us without us being present. We picked up the keys from him when we first went to our "own" house in Spain.

Also in the following months and still Rinus helps us with all kinds of things. For example, the water was about to be shut down (Rinus HELP), in a hurry he arranged that the invoice was paid and that the water supply was maintained. This saved us unnecessarily high costs.

Not only the contact with Rinus but also the contact with other employees of Houses In Spain is smooth and pleasant. Service and friendliness are of utmost importance.

Because everything was taken care of down to the last detail for us, we did not have a single sleepless night with regard to the purchase of our house in Spain. Our gratitude therefore is immense.

We only have had positive experiences and we can highly recommend Houses in Spain to other prospective home buyers in Spain.

Kees Rozestraten

Real estate agent with a thorough knowledge of the business

Vinkenveen Netherlands - Monte Pego Denia Spain, 16 August 2016

Recently Rinus van Vliet of the real estate agency Houses In Spain has guided us through the entire buying process of our house in Spain.

From the beginning we had full confidence in Rinus and he really did a great job!

He combines a thorough knowledge of the business with a pragmatic approach. He knows the Spanish market, local regulations and legislation. He combines the best way of doing business in Spain with a Dutch, no nonsense approach.

His advice is honest and good, but he also leaves room for his own vision and input. We have often wondered how we would have been able to do this complex and specialist project without the real estate agency Houses In Spain and Rinus.

Recently Rinus van Vliet of the real estate agency Houses In Spain has guided us through the entire buying process of our house in Spain.

From the beginning we had full confidence in Rinus and he really did a great job!

He combines a thorough knowledge of the business with a pragmatic approach. He knows the Spanish market, local regulations and legislation. He combines the best way of doing business in Spain with a Dutch, no nonsense approach.

His advice is honest and good, but he also leaves room for his own vision and input. We have often wondered how we would have been able to do this complex and specialist project without the real estate agency Houses In Spain and Rinus.

Villa Busot Luck en Louisa Nafzger2

Great way of working, great knowledge, great network for all other matters.

Houten Netherlands - Busot Alicante Spain, 11 May 2016

Directly in love with the Costa Blanca
10 years ago we, Luck and Louisa from Houten with 2 children, for the first time visited the Costa Blanca with friends for a weekend. We were directly in love with the Costa Blanca, the relaxed Spanish atmosphere, nice villages and beautiful beaches. We buy a house, or first an option on a plot of land and then put something on it ourselves. Our demands were high and budget not inexhaustible. All these years we rented a house in the autumn holidays in this area.

Each time a negative experience richer
During those holidays we went with real estate agents in Spain to see houses. Our preference was then usually just sold. Or a Spanish real estate agent who at the end indicated "sorry this piece has already been sold, but I still have something else for sale" didn't feel right either. Each time a negative experience richer.

Eventually via Google we found the real estate agency Houses in Spain.
Back in the Netherlands in 2015 we searched on Google for "Real estate agent, Spain, Trusted, Dutch, Costa Blanca, Busot, El Campello". That's how we ended up with the name Rinus van Vliet, from the real estate agency Houses In Spain. Through existing contacts we asked if he was reliable and he was.

Trust never ashamed
Then we called Rinus and that phone call turned our lives upside down, in a positive sense.
After my phone call I immediately gave Rinus 100% confidence and to this day this is never ashamed. Reliable, honest, sincere, knowledgeable, always helpful, flexible, before and after the sale.

Good planning made
In the first week of March 2016 we went to Spain to visit houses. We had already looked at all kinds of sites and made a selection. Rinus had made a good planning and we could see everything at our own leisure.

We visited 4 houses from our own selection and 3 from the portfolio of Houses in Spain. In his advice he never expressed a preference for the houses from his own portfolio.

It has became house from our own selection.
He negotiated for us with the owners of the 2 houses that we liked, based on our budget and possibilities. On the 19th of May we put our signature on a notarial deed of sale. It became a house from our own selection.

After the purchase we did a major renovation. Also in negotiations and coordination for the renovation Rinus has been our support and stay.

Real estate agency Houses In Spain highly recommended
We recommend the estate agents office Houses in Spain to all our friends and acquaintances with a 100% good feeling. People who are in doubt can call us for details. Feel free to ask for our phone number at .

Bernard en Kristel Knapen

Thank you for everything, because without you, this wouldn't have worked.

Alken Belgium - El Campello Spain, 11 February 2016

Five years ago I happened to end up with my son in the cosy seaside resort of El Campello. I walked at the seafront and suddenly fell in love with the beautiful town! I called my husband and told him that I wanted to come and live there one day.

We then started looking.
That's how we came into contact with Rinus from the real estate agency Houses In Spain. He introduced us in a correct way and certainly not intrusive to the beautiful Spain.

First we were looking for a house, because we had just finished a renovation and didn't want any more stress. After a few years of searching, we came to the conclusion that what we wanted was unaffordable or did not exist. Something Rinus had already told us about day 1.

And so we started looking for plots of land.
When we found our piece of land Rinus helped us from A to Z.

Rinus has always had a lot of patience and wherever he was needed, he was there.

In the meantime we have already started with the construction of our villa in Spain.

Thank you for everything because without you would not have succeeded in it for us then still strange Spain!


A choice that we have not regretted at all

Arnhem Netherlands - San Vicente Spain, 14 January 2016

Long preparation.
After a long preparation it was time for us to make our dream come true: to buy a house in Spain to settle there with our children.

Lots of rules and paperwork.
Buying a house in Spain means that you have to deal with a lot of rules, a lot of paperwork and unfortunately also with unreliable people and incorrect papers.

We wanted to take this step with someone with the necessary knowledge, empathy and reliability.

Different real estate agents emailed.
We emailed several Dutch and Belgian real estate agents to indicate what our plans were, asking them how they could help us with that. It is a big step and it is very desirable to get the help of someone who listens to what you are looking for and why.

The subsequent calls from various real estate agents were disappointing. Many real estate agents did not really listen or give the answers we were looking for.

This immediately felt good.
Until Rinus from Houses In Spain called us. This immediately felt good! He listened, asked specific questions and gave clear feedback. We knew for sure: With Rinus we dared to take this step.

A choice that we had absolutely no regrets about!

Pleasant and skilfully assisted.
Rinus has been a rock in a chaotic time. From the selection of houses, viewings, the papers to the actual purchase, Rinus has assisted us comfortably and skillfully. A move to Spain with two children is not nothing. Here too, Rinus has provided us with very useful information.

Great guidance of Houses In Spain is highly recommended.
Meanwhile we live with our children in Spain and we realize very often that without the help of Rinus it would have been very different. We are very grateful to Rinus and can recommend the great guidance of Houses in Spain to everyone!

Hennie en Joop van Heiningen

We are exceptionally well guided " muchas gracias por tu servicio "

Amsterdam Netherlands - San Juan Spain, 11 August 2015

Listing everything that Rinus van Vliet from Houses In Spain helped us with before and after the purchase of our house in Spain is too much.
This message would have been considerably longer and unreadable. Just too much to mention.

Thinking about details
Let's leave the main points for what they are.
The details that Rinus thinks about distinguish it from other real estate agents known to us.

Especially the detail of what it takes to buy and later to have a house in Spain has helped us a lot.

It doesn't stop with the purchase
It doesn't stop with the purchase guidance. Even today, we can always turn to him with our questions.

Exceptionally well guided
We can only say that we are exceptionally well guided by Rinus and not to mention the entire team of Houses in Spain. We say from the bottom of our heart "muchas gracias por tu servicio".

Familie Kok

Good advice from an experienced and reliable entrepreneur in Spain

Amersfoort Netherlands - El Campello Spain, 15 June 2015

We had been planning to buy a house in Spain for some time now. Via via we came into contact with Rinus from the real estate agency Houses in Spain.
Clearly someone who has been doing this before.
Already during the first meeting we had a very good feeling about his approach, knowledge and experience in buying a house in Spain. He asked good questions to make us think and not a push. Agents in the Netherlands still can learn from this. Clearly someone who had done this before.

Regularly visited the website of Houses in Spain.
We regularly visited the website of Houses In Spain and after a year or so we saw an interesting house. Rinus immediately organized an appointment for a viewing with the seller. In addition, he then selected a number of other houses that we could also view. On that basis we booked the plane tickets for a day viewing houses in Spain.

The house we came for was sold.
A week before the viewing we received a phone call from Rinus that the house was sold by the seller through another real estate agent. This while the seller had promised to keep the house until our arrival. Our first choice, the house we came for was sold.

A very good change.
In the meantime, Rinus had seen the adjoining house for sale (not one from his portfolio) and as an alternative had made an appointment with the French
A long story short, we finally managed to get hold of that house and are very satisfied with the purchase.

Professional and service-oriented.
The way in which Rinus has helped us with the negotiation, the establishment of a temporary purchase contract, passing by the notary, bringing us into contact with the relevant (government) institutions, is very professional and service-providing. Requesting NIE numbers, water and electricity to name, even tips for a bed store and contractor. Nothing is too much for him.

Houses In Spain is highly recommended for anyone who wants to successfully buy a house in Spain.
In summary, we can only say that we are very professionally and pleasantly helped. We still like to visit him at his office to chat or to receive the latest tips.

Raymonda en Mathy

Rinus a great man who takes care of everything perfectly

Bocholt Belgium - El Campello Spain, 16 December 2014

Good advice.
After many searches in other countries we came into contact with a someone who had already bought a house in Spain, El Campello. He advised us to contact Rinus of office Houses in Spain before buying a house in Spain.

No second regret.
Because Spain real estate agents are in a negative image, we were really looking for someone who could be trusted. So we took advantage of this advice and never regretted it for a second.

Felt good from the first minute.
Our first appointment with Rinus felt good from the very first minute.

We already had a preference.
We had already preferred a number of houses over the internet that we wanted to see. But it was also not too much for Rinus to see a number of other houses. Even houses that were not in his portfolio.

After fairly quick consultation we bought a house.

Everything pico bello prepared.
Rinus has everything pico bello prepared for us. Translations, NIE number, taxes, bank account, notary. Everything that comes with a transfer. You don't have to worry about anything, even after the sale he'll be there for you at any time.

Remember one name.
If you still want to buy a house in Spain, don't hesitate. Remember one name Rinus van Vliet!

Rinus and dear Inge, Thank you for everything.

Wil en Rob Vuik

Our expectations were exceeded by far

Capelle aan den IJssel Netherlands - Bonalba Muchamiel Spain, 18 November 2014

With several real estate agents on sale.
When we bought our apartment on Bonalba, it was for sale at several brokers. Also at Houses in Spain.

Which real estate agent do business with?
We had already spent a few months on Bonalba for a number of years and were therefore able to inform acquaintances about the selling real estate agent through whom we could do the best business.

Houses In Spain came to the forefront as a reliable party.
Houses In Spain, Rinus van Vliet, quickly emerged as a very reliable party and he also spoke Dutch!

Our expectations were exceeded by far.
Well, Rinus has far exceeded our expectations. As a selling real estate agent, he has helped us with all kinds of things.

Rinus acted as a guide.
He guided us through the other customs, habits and laws in Spain. He also acted as a guide to the various places where we had to meet our obligations.

We were very happy with him and his colleague Thomas.


Rinus... a familiar feeling

Groningen Netherlands - Moraira Spain, 15 October 2014

After an intensive preparation we went to see houses on the Costa Blanca, roughly the area between Denia and Alicante, in September 2013, armed with quite a few appointments with real estate agents. In our selection there were also a number of homes from the site Houses in Spain. This brought us into contact with Rinus.

A relief
Compared to the other real estate agents, Rinus almost immediately had a familiar feeling. He is competent, honest, independent, takes his time, pays attention to people and above all: has a listening ear. He doesn't push you in a certain direction.

Choice of advisor
Eventually there were 2 houses left in Moraira. Although these houses were not in the portfolio of Houses in Spain, we decided to hire Rinus in the buying process.
And we did not regret that.

Difficult case
The house in Moraira that it finally became was sold out of an inheritance. This gave extra complications. Because we have kept our finger on the pulse at every step, it was very pleasant to work with someone (in this case Rinus) who didn't think a question was too crazy and who communicated openly all the time. This enabled us to make the right decisions at a number of crucial moments. The case is also described on the site of Houses In Spain (Buyers tips, Buying from an inheritance).

Extensive support
Very pleasant was also the support in obtaining the NIE numbers, overwriting the water supply and the electricity connection, among other things.

Familiar feeling
The purchase of a house is not nothing and especially not in a country like Spain where something like this goes quite differently than in the familiar Netherlands. It is precisely in this situation that a trusted advisor is important and we have appreciated this very much in Rinus.

Joke Hartman

Reliable advice, and actual help

Glimmen Netherlands - Moraira Spain, 19 July 2014

The advice to contact Houses In Spain was a good tip.
The advice of a good friend to contact Rinus van Vliet at least once when you are looking for a house on the Costa Blanca was a very good tip. We have been looking around for a suitable property for a number of years and with many real estate agents we have looked at houses. We never found the right property, but we did find the region.

Never pushed us to sell a house from his own portfolio.
During that process we called Rinus and went out with him for a few days. He never pushed us to sell a house from his own portfolio, but went to look around with us entirely on the basis of our wishes.

We found ourselves a nice finca.
Now we have found ourselves a beautiful finca that we finally bought. And from the beginning of his involvement, Rinus has been a reliable value for us.

Reliable advice, and actual help.
What matters when you want to make an investment in a new country is to get reliable advice and actual help with doing what is needed.

Enthusiastic and expert.
N.I.E. number requests, arranging a notary, drawing up a sales/purchase deed, making appointments at the bank, you name it. You don't have to ask Rinus to do anything for you, he does it all. Enthusiastic and expert.

There were no surprises and that is very important.
We are very happy with the help of Rinus. We trust him completely (and that says a lot). Our Spanish adventure started very well, without disappointments and almost everything as Rinus predicted it. There were no surprises and that is very important.

Houses In Spain is a must.
Houses In Spain is a must for anyone looking for a reliable partner. A partner who will help you well after the transfer of the key.

You can't really give a better compliment.

We know one thing for sure, when we hear from someone who wants to invest in a house or apartment in Spain, we will strongly advise you to do so together with Rinus. You can't really give a better compliment.

John Wilting

Without this great guidance we wouldn't have been able and dare to do this

Eindhoven Netherlands - Tibi Alicante Spain, 19 June 2014

For a long time we had plans to buy a second home in Spain.
After looking around on the internet, we decided to contact a local real estate agent and visit some of the properties.
If we were lucky, we chose Houses in Spain, so we called Rinus.

First conversation immediately a good feeling.
The first conversation with Rinus was very pleasant and immediately gave us a good feeling.

A few weeks after our first contact we sat at the table with Rinus and Thomas. After this introductory meeting in which Rinus mainly wanted to know what conditions our second home had to meet, we went to see some houses. Because what looks so beautiful in a photo can be disappointing in reality.

But Rinus already had a good idea what we were looking for, so he took us to a small urbanization a half hour drive from Alicante. This house fully met our needs.

The sale was quickly closed.
Back in the Netherlands, this house did not let us go. We looked further to other homes but each time we came back to this house. It felt very good.
Soon it was decided to make an offer. With Rinus as real estate agent, the sale was quickly concluded.

Financial and notarial settlement perfectly arranged.
Then came the financial and notarial settlement, Rinus has arranged this perfectly for us.
Without his great guidance, we could not and would not have dared to do this.

Rinus, Thomas and Inge, thank you very much!

We are sure that we will be able to enjoy our home in Tibi with family and friends for many years to come.

Greta van der Mee

The guidance was great

Den Haag Netherlands - Muchamiel Spain, 19 March 2014

For several years we have been renting a house near Alicante. Because of the weather and other circumstances, we liked it so much that we stayed longer and longer. Now about 6 months in the winter, we decided to look seriously at a house for sale.

During a round of golf on Bonalba we saw a sales sign of "Houses in Spain" on a house that we thought was nice. Then we looked at the website of Houses In Spain and contacted Rinus. He immediately sent us an extensive series of photos.
An appointment was quickly made, because we were already in Spain. The negotiations via Rinus with the seller went very well and soon we came to an agreement.

The accompaniment of Rinus, his wife and his companion Thomas to the official handover at the notary was great. The team was also very supportive in the matters that had to be taken care of afterwards, such as "gas, light and water", etc.

The word service, even after the transfer, is very important to the team of Houses in Spain and all this in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

We are therefore very satisfied with the whole process and just as important, about the house.

Paula en John Weij

Everything was arranged, what a service!

Übereisenbach Germany - Muchamiel Spain, 13 January 2014

You were a real help in arranging our purchase.

In the '80s we (two people in their thirties with young children) regularly visited the Costa Blanca. We found it a beautiful place to spend the winter, something we saw ourselves do at a later age.

Years later we found (now two fifties with adult children) finally the time for a renewed visit to the Alicante region. When we arrived in Spain, we immediately felt at home again. Still playing with the idea of spending the winter on the sunny Spanish coast, we came into contact with Houses In Spain, Rinus and Thomas via via. They showed us in a pleasant way in a nutshell what our possibilities were. Our interest in the Spanish housing market was aroused!

Once at home we looked at Spanish housing sites for almost a year.

In November 2013 we travelled again for a holiday to the beautiful Costa Blanca. This time we had a list of our favorite houses with us. And all those hours looking at home sites turned out to be a good thing. We visited some of the houses and apartments on our list, including a beautiful new apartment in a closed park with swimming pool. We knew immediately: this was exactly what we wanted! And the price was also very good ...

Immediately we contacted Huizen In Spanje again. After hearing our story, they went straight to work for us.
Paperwork and architectural condition were critically checked, because for that price....
After everything was approved, Rinus and Thomas helped us with the purchase.

This was quite reassuring for us, because in a foreign country where they speak a foreign language, you don't just find your way around. Rinus and Thomas helped us to complete everything within the limited time we had. This saved us a lot of searching, asking, time and finally also money.

A month or two later we only had to go back to Spain again to sign the purchase contract with the notary. Everything else was arranged, what a service!

Rinus and Thomas, we would like to thank you for your quick and professional help.

You have been a real help in arranging our purchase.
In the end, the purchase of the apartment went faster than learning Spanish!


Real estate is craftsmanship: no effort is too much!

Zaandam Netherlands - El Campello Spain, 10 December 2013

Last year I had already been working on getting an apartment in El Campello.

That didn't work out then, until a friend drew my attention to a for sale sign from "Houses in Spain".

Immediately called and although the apartment was not yet on the site, I got pictures emailed that same weekend. And weekend or not, all questions were answered.

A visit was planned with Rinus, who immediately attached a conversation with a very clear explanation of what was waiting for me when I bought property in Spain.

No effort has been spared to let me buy my favourite spot! Incredible efforts by Rinus to get everything done and all the bumps to crush have resulted in me now having an apartment in a beautiful place.

Also help with applying for NIE (thanks to Thomas!), opening a bank account, the handling of all costs to be paid, contacts with the notary etc etc, the number of hours that has been put into it, is innumerable!

It is incredibly important that you meet a real estate agent in Spain who handles everything so meticulously and correctly so that you don't have to worry about legal matters. And that real estate agent can be found at "Houses in Spain"!

Even after the purchase, no effort is too much to assist you in finding a locksmith or contractor.

All that remains is a heartfelt word of thanks for all the efforts of Rinus and Thomas. As soon as the renovation is finished and everything is decorated, you are very welcome to come and have a beer.


Without the professional approach of Houses In Spain we would have dropped out

Purmerend Netherlands - El Campello Spain, 19 November 2013

We were 2 years actively looking for a nice house on the Costa Blanca. We knew the area very well by our holidays on the Costa Blanca. And always had the quiet hope of buying a villa themselves.
With numerous brokers we searched the coastline of the Costa Blanca and the hinterland.

In our search for a house on the Costa we met Rinus & Thomas from "Houses in Spain". Through their easily accessible and clear website they struck us. So just drove by their office for a coffee. Our impression: Very driven with an excellent knowledge of the housing market. Humorous full of passion for their work and especially "to the point".

With their approach and information about the entire buying process and the support during the process, they stand head and shoulders above the other real estate agents.

They don't let you swim in a jungle of rules. Rinus gave us an extensive explanation about the state of affairs of the purchase of a house in Spain, without any obligation whatsoever. A clear explanation about the role of the notary, the NIE number, the Spanish bank account and the settlement of the purchase with the Spanish tax authorities and so on.

Rinus is very close to the buyer, even though he was the selling real estate agent. He entered into very sharp negotiations with the seller. And informed us continuously by mail. So we came to a deal and bought for the price we had in mind.

Encouraged by all kinds of Spanish Indian stories from third parties and the statement "Trust is good, but control is better" we also hired an independent advisor. In retrospect, it would not have been necessary and we could have saved those euros. The hired consultant was quite impressed by the knowledge and professional approach of Houses In Spain. Rinus always received compliments from the consultant.

We are very pleased with our property in El Campello. Right by the sea with beautiful views over the sea and the coast. Actually we are a bit proud of it. Our children are also proud of "Villa Elefante" the name they have given to our house in Spain.

Buying a house in Spain is very different than in the Netherlands. The notary is more hesitant and does not control everything, unlike in the Netherlands.
What about the existing mortgage, how about the mortgage registration, how is the registration in the public register drawn up, what business expenses burden on the house. What about the fiscal and inheritance regime in Spain? These are all questions that we have put to Rinus & Thomas. And to which we have received adequate answers. In Spain you need a confidential advisor. Persons on whom you can blindly "rely". That is why we are very pleased with our introduction to "Houses in Spain" and with the honest and professional support of Rinus & Thomas.

Carel van bemmelen profile

We have never seen such a service anywhere else

Amstelveen Netherlands - Muchamiel Spain, 18 June 2013

For some time now we had been deciding where we wanted to buy a second home in Spain. We had been driving around with real estate agents in different places. And every time we didn't like something. Sometimes it was because of the houses we got to see and sometimes we got restless about the real estate agent.

Until we met Thomas and Rinus. 
Actually, we didn't look at many houses. They asked us what we wanted. We moved around so often for my work that we could describe it precisely. And we looked at a house in Muchamiel and it was an instant hit. 

The service of Houses in Spain did not stop with the sale. They helped us with everything from the papers of the local authorities, looking for a gardener to build the garden, swimming pool heating and so on.

We regularly go to our house in Spain and we see especially Thomas regularly. Always friendly and he always wants to be sure that we are still happy with our house. 
Yes, we are. Especially thanks to Houses in Spain and Rinus and Thomas.


We've had fantastic guidance

Haalderen Netherlands - Tibi Spain, 12 March 2013

In 2012 we started our search. During a Spain holiday near Moraira we had visited several houses. We were not quite sure if we wanted a house in Spain. But back in the Netherlands the thought of us buying a house in Spain didn't let go.

After we went on a holiday in Bali and came back we fell with our nose in the Dutch winter fell, the thought of Spain came back again and again. In January we had enough of the weather in the Netherlands and booked a trip for three weeks with the intention of buying a house in Spain.

One day before we left we ended up on the site "Houses in Spain" and immediately saw a house that appealed to us. So we sent an email to Rinus and Thomas to make an appointment for a viewing. Then it came in a rapids, the sale was quickly closed. A few days later we were at the office of Rinus and Thomas to make the preliminary purchase contract. We received a clear explanation from Rinus and Thomas about how to go through the whole procedure. We went to Alcoi together to request our NIE numbers. All in all, we have had fantastic guidance from both gentlemen. If there was a problem, it was solved immediately and nothing was too much for them. We are very satisfied with the course of events and even now we can still go to them if there is something wrong. What appealed to us the most was the relaxed atmosphere in which everything was arranged. We would like to thank you very much for the good guidance.