In Spain, you should choose Houses In Spain

How do you find a great home in Spain safely and for a good price?

Save time

Save time by using a good Spanish estate agency who offers only his own supply of stock. Spanish agents often copy each other’s stock and homes that are sold are not removed from the websites. A chaotic situation !

Advice and support in negotiating the price

When you are making a large purchase, take advice, especially in Spain. Advice when buying and support in negotiating the price are very important when buying your home in Spain.

Understanding the Spanish legislation

It’s important to know how things work: how for instance, under Spanish law, you transfer property, obtain building permits, pay taxes, etc. A good explanation and practice are essential before mistakes make you wiser. It’s to your advantage, before and after the purchase, to use the expertise of your agent for your home in Spain.

Fixed place and in your language

You’ve bought your home and you love it! Buying in Spain is certainly a big decision and you want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.For years after you will benefit because,if you want advice in the future, you can go to a fixed place – and speak to us in your own language.



Top 5 mistakes when buying a house in Spain.


Top 5 mistakes when buying a house in Spain.

Many buyers of a house in Spain make the mistake of doing the following in the purchasing process.

1. Make the first payment too fast.
Before you make a first payment to the seller, you must be sure that you have negotiated everything you would like. Once you have paid anything, it is more difficult to negotiate with the seller. The seller already has a portion of the purchase price and therefore your negotiating position is weak.

2. Not putting everything on paper.
Often, negotiations take place when considering buying a house, but are left as a verbal record; for example, an arrangement about painting to be done. This happens under the denominator, "we'll do that later". Or "that will be fine". It may sound fine, but could be ‘’forgotten’’, so put it on paper. That prevents arguments later.

3. Insufficient monitoring of the areas. The areas of the plot and the property are insufficiently registered. These must correspond to the areas listed in the property register. Deviations often occur and do not have to be a problem, but they must be corrected by the seller when transferring.

Read on in buyer tips. Top 5 mistakes when buying a house in Spain.  

Clients about Houses in Spain


Many house buyers in Spain have a purchasing agent to help them buy. Here, some talk about their personal experiences with Houses in Spain.

"Purchase broker with thorough knowledge"

"Recently, Rinus van Vliet of the estate agency Houses in Spain has provided us with the entire procurement process of our house in Spain.

From the outset, we had the fullest confidence in Rinus and he did it very well!

He combines thorough knowledge with a pragmatic approach. He knows the Spanish market, local regulations and legislation. The best way to do business in Spain is a combination of him with a Dutch, no nonsense approach.

His opinions are honest and good, but he also leaves room for his own vision and input. We have often wondered how we would have completed this complex and specialist route without Houses in Spain and Rinus. "

Kees-Jan Rozestraaten and Marc Broekaart Vinkeveen, Netherlands - Monte Pego, Denia, Spain - August 2016

Read more experiences of our relationships

Highly-discounted houses may still be too expensive

What is the correct asking price for a property in Spain that you want to buy? You can find out.

Market value without inflated prices
The market value of a property is now around the price level that it was in 2001/2002. In the following period, the market prices were inflated. Now, you should disregard that increase.

The correct calculation
Always try to calculate a realistic price with all the air of the ‘price bubble’ from the period 2001 to the end of 2007 taken out.

How do you get that price above water?
Read our special tips.What is the correct asking price for the home that you'll buy in Spain? Because a huge discount may still be too expensive.

Top 10 estate websites of the Spanish banks

Top 10 estate agency websites of the Spanish banks
Many homeowners in Spain have experienced financial difficulties in the economic crisis. The Spanish banks have, therefore, a considerable number of houses that they have repossessed. They have slowly grown into the largest estate agents in Spain.

The top 10 have a total of 91,669 properties
The banks in the top 10 sell their own properties, 7712of which are in the Alicante province. All is included, from a garage to luxury villas.

Quick summary
In a simple overview, you will find the top 10 websites of Spanish banks; the bank with the most problem properties is at number 1. View the full list on the Blog page.

The 10 most-visited websites for houses of Spain

Buying a house in Spain usually starts with looking at a number of Spanish property sites. Often you visit non-Hispanic sites.

Do you want information closer to the source?
Have a look at the Spanish websites. Spanish people frequently use them and usually they are free. Estate agents sometimes use these sites pay for them.

The 10 biggest Spanish property websites  in order.
It is a good way to look what's for sale in the area that you would like to purchase. Comparing prices is also important. The 10 biggest Spanish property websites in order. Check the list here.

How do you buy a home from a Spanish bank?

How do you buy a home from a Spanish bank?
You see a lovely house on one of the Spanish banks websites. What do you do next?
In this article I outline how you can buy a property in Spain from the bank.

Note the differences of buying from a bank
Banks may be different in the way they operate. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your chosen house. Make sure you are fully informed. Indeed, there are now more buyers in the market looking for a bargain. Do you want a bit more security and guidance? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  For a relatively small cost, I will support you in your purchase.

Plan a viewing
The agreement is quite easy to make via a form on the bank’s website. If you are lucky, you will be quickly contacted by a commercial bank employee or a broker who has been hired by the bank.

Make an offer
How to buy a property from a Spanish bank read all about on the page Buyers tips.

Koopakte tekenen? Vergeet niet te verrekenen.

Het moment van tekenen is het moment dat je alles moet verrekenen.

Dit moet je altijd doen.
- Breng alle achterstallige betalingen in kaart.
- Reken de belastingen uit die de verkoper moet betalen.
- Hou al deze bedragen in op het moment dat je bij de notaris zit.

Jaren na de aankoop viel er nog een aanslag op de deurmat.
De verkoper heeft de verplichting een gemeentebelasting te betalen over de kadastrale waardestijging van de grond. De hoogte van de aanslag is afhankelijk van het aantal jaren dat hij eigenaar is. Deze gemeentebelasting heet de "Plus Valïa". Laat dit bedrag altijd uitrekenen en hou het in op de te betalen koopsom.

"Maar de verkoper was zo aardig." Lees verder in kopers tips. Koopakte tekenen? Vergeet niet te verrekenen.