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Properties for sale in Tibi

What is life like in Tibi?

Tibi a small Spanish village on the Costa Blanca. Only 1700 inhabitants live at the foot of an old Arab castle, built in the 10th century. Due to the beautiful wooded area, Tibi attracts many home buyers.

The short and fast connections to the centre of the city of Alicante and Alicante airport are often the deciding factors to buy a house in Tibi.

West of Tibi is a large nature reserve “Sierra del Maigmo” with beautiful walking and cycling routes. It isalso called the balcony of Alicante because of the beautiful view over the city of Alicante and theMediterranean Sea. Northeast of Tibi is the large nature reserve Els Plantadets. The Riu Monnegre or RiuVerd flows through the city into the reservoir of Tibi, one of the oldest reservoirs in Europe.

What are the most popular housing types in Tibi?
The most sold homes are detached villas in the outskirts. There are a number of urbanisations aroundTibi with detached villas with private swimming pools, usually on building plots from 800 square metres.In addition to these modern villas, you will find many traditional Spanish country houses in thecountryside.

Urbanisations around Tibi
Scattered over the countryside around Tibi are five urbanisations, built from the 1980s onwards. You willfind quite a few foreign home owners in these neighbourhoods.

Pinares de Mecli
Two kilometres west of the village centre you will find the urbanisation Pinares de Mecli. Here are about90 detached houses on plots of an average of about 1000 square metres. It is an urbanisation withample green areas. Pinares de Mecli is located on the provincial road CV 810 between Tibi and the A-7motorway.

Finca Terol
The urbanisation Finca Terol is located three kilometres to the north. With some 500 homes, this is thelargest urbanisation in Tibi. In this wooded area you will find only detached houses on large plots of1000 square metres on average. There are still many building plots for sale in this residential area.Characteristic of this urbanisation is its strategic location, in the triangle of Tibi, Castalla and Ibi. Most ofthe streets of this urbanisation have not yet been paved.

Bon Aire
About 4.5 kilometres to the south is the urbanisation Bon Aire, in the immediate vicinity of the A7towards Alicante city. There are about 30 homes in the Bon Aire district. The houses here are on buildingplots of an average of 1500 square metres. Although this area is located directly along the A7 fromCastalla to Alicante, there is no noise pollution because the district is lower.

This district borders to the south of Bon Aire and consists of approximately 50 detached houses on plotsof an average of 1000 m2. In addition, some 65 smaller semi-detached houses have been built here. This neighbourhood has a communal building with a swimming pool and three sports fields, including a tennis court.

El Aljibe
This district is located southwest of the mountain Maigmo on the left of the highway at Tibi coming fromthe city of Alicante in the direction of Castalla. You can consider El Aljibe more as a cluster of countryhouses than an urbanisation. For example, you can see from the layout of plots that the neighbourhoodhas not been set up according to a plan. Moreover, these houses are built on originally agricultural land.The areas of the plots vary widely, from 1000m2 to approximately 16,000 m2.

Infrastructure and amenities
The area around Tibi is easily accessible with provincial roads and the A-7 motorway. In a southern direction you are within half an hour in the centre of Alicante and Alicante airport. To the north you are within 10 minutes at the larger towns of Castalla and Ibi. In these two places you can go to larger supermarkets and other facilities that meet your daily needs. The village of Tibi itself has a number of restaurants, a small supermarket, a pharmacy, a cheese shop and a bakery.

Average prices in the urbanisations around Tibi
Because Tibi is a bit further inland than the well-known coastal towns, the prices are a lot friendlier. On average, you pay €250,000 for a home in the suburbs of Tibi. Prices of approximately €100,000 are not uncommon for a simple country house. On the other hand, the price for a larger country house can go up to one million euros. The average square metre price for detached houses is approximately €1025. In the Bon Aire / Maigmo district, the price is slightly higher, at approximately €1250 per square metre.

House prices in the village of Tibi
In the centre you will mainly find village houses and apartments. These homes are usually not of interest to the foreign home buyer. On average, you pay between € 65,000 and €150,000 for a house in the village. The square metre price is approximately €740.

Tibi in short:

Vast green area
Tibi is part of the region “La Hoya de Castalla”, a vast green area with mountains and valleys in the hinterland of Alicante. Of the 4 towns in this area, Castalla, Tibi, Ibi and Onil, Tibi is the smallest with fewer than 2000 inhabitants.

Tibi has good accessibility. It is located on the motorway that runs from Alicante to Castalla. The centreof the city of Alicante and Alicante airport can be reached within 30 minutes from Tibi. These excellent connections ensure that more and more people have settled in Tibi in recent years.

The river “Monnegre” runs through the municipality of Tibi towards a reservoir 3 kilometres from thevillage. This is the oldest water reservoir in Europe and still in use. The dam is 46 metres high and 65metres long. The lake covers an area of ​​50 hectares. (5 million square metres) The water was originallyintended for horticulture in Muchamiel. You should definitely visit the imposing reservoir.

Rio Verde
Due to the course of the river “Monnegre” also called the “Rio Verde”, Tibi is a beautiful green area with a lot of natural beauty.

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  • 20230109 132308
    20230109 132535
    20230109 132617
    20230109 132620
    • 800 m2 plot

    In een prachtig gelegen urbanisatie.

  • AB
    • 3 Bedrooms
    • 1 Bathrooms
    • 119 m2 build
    • 1197 m2 plot

    Single storey villa in a quiet residential area.

  • IMG 0092
    IMG 0090
    IMG 0100
    IMG 0093

    € 275.000

    • 3 Bedrooms
    • 3 Bathrooms
    • 160 m2 build
    • 1020 m2 plot

    Perfect onderhouden villa met geweldig uitzicht over de ruige natuur.

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  • Villa in Tibi 0218
    IMG 0140
    IMG 0138
    Villa in Tibi 0221

    € 389.000

    • 6 Bedrooms
    • 4 Bathrooms
    • 209 m2 build
    • 918 m2 plot

    Ruime villa in een groene omgeving

  • Vr1322 1
    Vr1322 2
    Vr1322 3
    Vr1322 4

    € 395.000

    • 4 Bedrooms
    • 2 Bathrooms
    • 153 m2 build
    • 1140 m2 plot

  • IMG 7906 A
    Vr1413 2
    IMG 7911 A
    IMG 7944 A


    • 4 Bedrooms
    • 4 Bathrooms
    • 250 m2 build
    • 1785 m2 plot

    Villa with guest house for sale in the area of Tibi, Alicante on the Costa Blanca.

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