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Properties for sale in Altea

What is life like in Altea

The narrow streets in the direction of the church "Nuestra Señora del Consuelo" with the blue dome, forming the old centre of Altea are particularly noticeable. Originally, the inhabitants of Altea lived on the proceeds from agriculture and fishing.

In the last decades, tourism has been the main source of income. Altea has 23,000 inhabitants. A quarter of that number is not of Spanish descent.

What are the most popular housing types in Altea?
To name the most popular property type, it is important to know which part of Altea we are talking about. The preferences for the housing type differ per area in Altea. The use of the home also plays an important role. Is it a second home for holiday use or the main home for permanent residence?

  • Villas with private pool in the outskirts
    In the outskirts of Altea, detached villas with a private pool are the most popular type of home. For holiday use, these houses can safely be located a little further from the centre of Altea. For day-to-day use, villas would be significantly closer to the centre and shopping facilities.
  • Village houses
    In the old village centre of Altea around the old church with its famous blue dome, authentic Spanish village houses are popular. These homes are often bought by foreign buyers who use it as a second home.

Popular properties near the ports of Altea
In the immediate vicinity of the port "Luis Campomanes - Marina Greenwich" at Altea Mascarat, apartments are the most popular. This is also the case with the marina on the boulevard of Altea. On the other hand, in the vicinity of the port “Portosenso”, detached villas on the first line of the Mediterranean are very popular.

Which part of Altea is it best to buy a house?

  • Altea HillsBuyers of large detached villas who want to enjoy the very best sea views over the bay of Altea can indulge themselves in the urbanisation Altea Hills.
  • Altea Mascarat
    People who want to buy in the immediate vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea will do best in the Altea Mascarat district. Most of the housing supply here consists of apartments. If you are looking for an apartment or a semi-detached house in the immediate vicinity of a marina and the Mediterranean Sea, this is the best part of Altea to buy a house. Most of the houses here are used as holiday homes.
  • Altea la Vella
    Altea la Vella is the name of a village about 3 kilometres north of Altea. You will feel the peace and the atmosphere of life in an authentic Spanish village. Small village houses and small-scale apartment buildings determine the street scene here. These are also the most bought properties.
  • Altea old village centre
    This is a difficult area for home-buyers looking for a permanent residence. The accessibility of the houses is problematic. Parking is virtually impossible.

The most expensive area to buy a house in Altea
In the municipality of Altea, you will undoubtedly find the most expensive houses on the mountainside called Altea Hills. This area is highly sought after by home buyers because of its beautiful views over the Bay of Altea. In the Altea Hills area, the average price for a villa is €1,188,515, which equates to an average of € 3,153 per m2.

Accessibility of Altea
The location, right on the A 70 motorway that runs from Alicante to Valencia, ensures optimal accessibility. You can also opt for the national road N332 which takes a bit longer, but is a pleasant route if you want to take it a bit easier. The distance to Alicante airport El Altet is 70 kilometres, with a driving time of about 45 minutes via the motorway.

Property prices in Altea by area

  • Altea old village centre
    The higher area around the church with the blue dome is the old village centre of Altea. The average price for a house in this oldest part of Altea is €274,974, which equates to a square metre price of €1,93
  • Altea HillsI
    In this area, there are mainly detached villas on large plots. On average, you pay €1,188,515 for a home here. That corresponds to an average square metre price of €3,153.
  • Altea la Vella
    In the village of Altea la Vella you will mainly find smaller houses and also apartments. These homes cost an average of €560,133. That equates to a price of €2,363 per square metre.
  • Altea Mascarat
    Altea Mascarat, the residential area around the Marina Greenwich harbour, has mainly terraced houses and apartments. The average house price here is €399,322, or €2,435 per m2.
    Altea playa La Olla
    In this part of Altea right on the coast, the buildings mainly consist of apartments. The average price for a home here is €235,977. The average m2 price is €2,017

Altea in short:

  • Recognisable
    The crowning glory of the village of Altea is of course the blue dome of the parish church in the old town of Altea. This is the recognisable point that stands out from a great distance due to its location on top of a hill. It is quite a climb to get to the square in front of the church via the narrow streets. The square is 60 metres above sea level.
  • Art Village
    It is these narrow streets of Altea where many artists find the peace and the inspiration for their works. Art is of paramount importance in Altea. Just take a look at the many cosy shops of Altea.
  • Activity
    In Altea, people used to live from agriculture and fishing; nowadays it has turned to tourism. As a result, the number of inhabitants has doubled in 15 years. Altea currently has around 23,000 inhabitants
  • Fireworks
    One of the many festivals in Altea falls in the month of August. This party is accompanied by a great fireworks display that is set off from the Mediterranean Sea. This spectacle can be seen beautifully from the beach Playa de la Olla, but also from far away.
  • Beaches
    The main beach of Altea is the beach “Cap Blanch” which starts in Albir. To the north is the beach of “Cap Negret” which ends in the small beach with black pebbles, “Cala del Soio”. Another well-visited beach of Altea is "Playa de la Olla", which is located opposite the islet of Altea of the same name. Altea only has pebble beaches; for sandy beaches you need to go from Altea to Calpe or Benidorm.
  • Ports
    To the north, Altea borders the gigantic rocky outcrop of the “Sierra de Bernia”. at Altea - Mascarat. Here is also the marina of Altea, Luis "Campomanes - Marina Greenwich". There is another harbour that is really only accessible to members of the club Nautico of Altea. This small port is called “Portosenso”. And there is also the fishing port of the village of Altea itself. That harbour borders the boulevard of Altea, towards Albir Playa.
  • Agricultural hinterland
    On the slope of the mountain “Sierra de Bernia” lies the village of Altea La Vella just behind Altea. In this village you will find some small canning industry of agricultural products from the hinterland of Altea.
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