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Properties for sale in El Campello

What is life like in El Campello ?

The number of permanent residents in El Campello is around 27,000. This ensures that it remains a lively Spanish village, even in winter. The range of shops is extensive and is concentrated in and around Avenida de la Generalidad and Calle San Bartolomé.In their spare time, Spanish families can get a breath of fresh air on the beach and promenade of El Campello.

Here, you will be aware that El Campello has still retained its true Spanish village character.

What are the most popular housing types in El Campello?

  • Northern Europeans choose detached houses
    Depending on the country where the buyer comes from, there is a distinction in preference and choice of the type of home. Northern Europeans from the Scandinavian countries, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium are more likely to buy detached villas on spacious plots.
  • Spanish buyers choose apartments
    In El Campello, Spanish buyers more often choose an apartment, which is used as a second home. Especially, those from Madrid choose an apartment on the coast of El Campello. They mainly inhabit it during the holiday months and during the long weekends.
  • First line villas and apartments in El Campello:
    The municipality of El Campello has 23 kilometres of Mediterranean coast. . This coastline can be divided into 3 residential areas, each with different types of buildings.This offers good buying opportunities for buyers looking for a house right by the sea. You will always find houses for sale on the first line on the Mediterranean

In which part of El Campello should I buy a house?
This depends on the type of home you want to buy. Are you buying a home for permanent residence or a second home that is used as a holiday home? You would usually choose a detached house for permanent residence. You will find a good range of detached villas in the residential areas, La Coveta Fuma, Cala D’Or, La Merced and Venta Lanuza.At the beaches "Playa Muchavista", in the southern part of El Campello and the beach "Playa Carrer del Mar", near the centre of El Campello, you will find the best apartments and houses for holiday residence.

The most expensive area to buy a house in El Campello
El Campello has 2 residential areas right on the Mediterranean Sea. The most famous is La Coveta Fuma district. The second is located in the Pueblo Español area, the neighbourhood called Llop Mari.On average you pay €754,188 for a detached villa. The square metre price here is the highest of El Campello with an average price of €2,773 per m2.

Accessibility of El Campello
Living in El Campello simply means living close to everything. For the train connection to Alicante or Benidorm, El Campello has no fewer than 5 boarding places. Alicante airport and the city of Alicante are half an hour away by car.

The residential areas of El Campello
El Campello’s border includes a length of 23 kilometres on the Mediterranean. This coastline can be divided into 3 residential areas, each with different types of buildings.

  • El Campello towards Alicante:
    Seen from the old centre of El Campello towards Alicante, you will often find high-rise buildings. Apartment buildings for holiday residence:
    many of these apartments are owned by residents from Madrid, but this long sandy beach of El Campello, named "Playa Muchavista" also attracts many foreign buyers.(offer Playa Muchavista)
  • El Campello towards Benidorm:
    If you go north from the centre of El Campello, towards Benidorm, you will arrive at a beautiful piece of coastal area. It is a hilly area with many height differences. The most famous residential areas in that area are: La Coveta Fuma, Cala D’Or, la Merced and Venta Lanuza. Here you will usually find detached villas on spacious plots. The prices of these villas vary widely. The view and the quality of the house determine the price.(offer La Coveta Fuma, Cala D’Or, la Merced, Venta Lanuza)
  • El Campello centre:
    In the old town centre of El Campello, you will find low-rise buildings of typical Spanish village houses. From the old town centre towards the boulevard and the beach at the centre of El Campello, the buildings are varied. Apartments, semi-detached houses and detached villas alternate. The construction of tall residential buildings is no longer permitted on the first line of the boulevard.(offer central El Campello and el Campello Playa Carrer del Mar)

Property prices by region of El Campello

  • El Campello North:
    North of El Campello, towards Benidorm and Valencia, you will find a wide range of properties on the coast.These are the main regions:Pueblo Español and La Coveta Fuma, with an average house price of €754,188. Average price per m2 €2,773.The regions of Cala D’Or, Pueblo Acantilado, La Merced and Venta Lanuza have an average house price of €444,000.The average price per m2 here is €1,842.
  • El Campello centre:
    In the old town centre, the average house price is €301,582. The price per m2 here is on average €1,971.The buildings from the old town centre towards the beach "Playa Carrer del Mar", near the centre of El Campello, have an average house price of €279,633. The price per m2 is €1,983.
  • El Campello south:
    The property on offer here mainly consists of apartments. The beach "Playa Muchavista" attracts many home buyers to this coast south of El Campello. On average, house prices here are €533,435. The average price per m2 is €2,319.
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