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Buying in Spain

A concise overview of everything that comes with buying a house in Spain. How do I buy a house in Spain?

Are you buying an apartment, holiday home or villa for permanent residence in Spain? Small differences for the purchase check will be needed for each type of property. When buying an apartment you will have to pay more attention to the community association of owners than with a villa. When buying a villa in Spain you will have to pay more attention to illegal outbuildings and swimming pools.

Find your ideal house in Spain

There are many properties for sale in Spain. Are you looking for a flat in Spain, a holiday home in Spain, or a beach house in Spain? You will find the for sale properties of every estate agent in Spain on this top 10 Spanish property sites. You could say the Spanish Rightmove sites

What do I need to check when buying a property in Spain?

Are you buying a villa, apartment or holiday home in Spain? Even the most beautiful dream homes in Spain require a thorough check. Do you know what to look for when buying a house in Spain? Click on the articles below and read more about the check when buying a house in Spain.

What should the purchase agreement for a property in Spain contain?

The agreement to purchase your house is completed orally. Now you are going to record in writing what you have agreed regarding the purchase of your property in Spain. Below are the 3 most important points that the agent in Spain must include in the provisional purchase agreement. Who pays the costs when buying a house in Spain? What happens if the purchase of the house in Spain is cancelled? How do you make the down payment when buying a house in Spain? Avoid surprises when purchasing, read all 3.

How do I do the purchase process in the Notary in Spain?

The last step in buying a house in Spain is the visit to the Spanish notary. Here, you pay the purchase price and receive the keys to your new home in Spain. You do not buy a house in Spain every day and you do not regularly visit a notary in Spain. Therefore, read the 3 articles about the transfer of the property at the Spanish Notary. 1- Get a good translator for the notarial transfer of your home in Spain. 2- Clear all outstanding items. 3 - Know how to pay the purchase price when buying a house in Spain

Tips for successfully house buying in Spain

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