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The bank in Spain, where should you look?

De bank in spanje

In addition to the Notary and the broker in Spain you will also deal with the bank in Spain.

• What are the transaction costs?
With banking in Spain, the transaction costs will differ depending on whether you have multiple products with your Spanish bank. You will find banking in Spain more expensive than in Great Britain.
• Is my contact multilingual?
A cup of coffee with your Spanish bank manager cannot hurt. If he speaks your language, it will be a lot easier.
• Website for Internet banking.
Easy access to your account via the internet is a must. Have a look to see what languages the site offers.

Opening a bank account in Spain is one of the first things you should do if you've found your home in Spain and want to buy. You need it because on the day of transfer, you will need to pay for it.

To open your Spanish bank account you need 2 things.
• A valid passport or identity card
• An identification number (NIE) for non-Spanish people