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The 10 most-visited websites for houses of Spain

Best Spanish Realestate portals

Buying a house in Spain usually starts with looking at a number of Spanish property sites. Often you visit non-Hispanic sites.

Do you want information closer to the source?

Have a look at the Spanish websites. Spanish people frequently use them and usually they are free. Estate agents use them and sometimes use these sites pay for them.

The 10 biggest Spanish property websites in order.

It is a good way to look what's for sale in the area that you would like to purchase. Comparing prices is also important. Check the list here.

    Spanish, English and German with 2,094,000 visitors per month, the most visited website for houses of Spain. If you look at the number of properties advertised on Fotocasa, they come in 2nd place in Spain with 1.2 million homes.
    Number 2 on the list is Idealista on the basis of the number of visitors per month. On average, there are 1,734,000 per month. Given the number of advertised houses, this site with 1.3 million homes is in 1st place in Spain. Of course, the site is in Spanish, English, French, and German.
    Great site, this is number 3 on the Spanish property rankings. This website only advertises apartments. More than 200,000 properties, but solely for rental. On average, the site Enalquiler has 1,336,000 visitors per month.
    In fourth place with 1,247,000 visitors per month. A website with almost 700,000 properties. A small drawback, the site is only in Spanish.
    The 5th in the series of estate agent websites in Spain. The site Yaencontre shows nearly 800,000 homes and has averaged nearly 1 million visitors per month. The site also advertises jobs and courses. Spanish language only.
  6. is only in Spanish. They advertise 250,000 homes on this site every month, 456,000 visitors view, on average.
    7th place, the website mainly advertises homes in northern Spain, Catalonia. Multilingual site, English, French, German, with an average of 335,000 visitors per month and 114,000 properties.
  8. Great site with supply and demand in a comparable marketplace. A special home section of 240,000 homes. On average, this site accounted for 143,000 visitors per month.
    The number of visitors is not known, hence the site is at position 9. If you look at the number of homes, nearly 500,000 are on the website, so could be 5th in ranking. Many offers, but only in Spanish.
    The bottom of the list is the site tupiso, but still a good site with an average of 63,000 visitors per month. A range of 400,000 homes.