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The construction sector in Spain is once again moving

Bouwsector in Spanje staat weer als een huis

Alicante sells the most houses on the Spanish coast. On the Spanish coast, the province of Alicante ends the first half of the year as the province with the most homes sold in relation to the number of inhabitants.

Throughout Spain, the province of Alicante is in third place behind Madrid and Barcelona.

New construction projects in Alicante

The estimated number of homes that will be completed this year in the province of Alicante is around 7,000. This represents a growth of 4.4% compared to the same period in the year 2018. This growth is still miles away from the number of houses built in Spain that preceded the Spanish housing crisis. In those years, 47,000 homes were built in Alicante each year. This was also partly the cause of the Spanish housing crisis.

Property in Spain a certain investment

At present, the demand for new-build properties in Spain is still greater than the supply of newly-built properties. Construction companies and architects are therefore looking hard for building plots.

The Spanish housing market is stable

"The housing market is stable and more homes need to be built," says Antonio Macía of the Architectural College of Alicante. "Of course, not the numbers that are high above the demand, as happened in the years before the Spanish housing crisis."

Property sales in Spanish coastal provinces

In the first half of the year, the province of Alicante recorded the largest number of homes sold on the coast in Spain, followed by Malaga in second place, Almeria in third place and Castellon in fourth place. This is evidenced by the figures from the Spanish property registers.

The Spanish Costas are doing well

The Spanish Costas are, as usual, the areas where most of the houses in Spain are sold. In actual numbers, 9,473 homes were sold in the province of Alicante in the first half of the year. 1519 of these were new-build homes. 42% of the total was purchased by foreign buyers.

Long waiting time for a building permit in Spain

The slowness with which building plans and building applications in Spain are handled by the Spanish municipalities is a problem. A solution is being worked on. The idea is to hire private architectural firms. These architects would take the work off the Spanish councils' construction departments. They would ensure faster processing of building applications. A construction company cannot wait 6 years for a building permit. This is now happening in the Spanish coastal areas where a lot has to be built to meet the demand.

Construction activity on the Spanish coast

The city of Alicante and the area south of Alicante are the areas where most building activities can be seen. Here is a list of the places where most are being built.