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Top 5 mistakes when buying a house in Spain.


Top 5 mistakes when buying a house in Spain.

Many buyers of a house in Spain make the mistake of doing the following in the purchasing process.

  1. Make the first payment too fast.
    Before you make a first payment to the seller, you must be sure that you have negotiated everything you would like. Once you have paid anything, it is more difficult to negotiate with the seller. The seller already has a portion of the purchase price and therefore your negotiating position is weak.
  2. Not putting everything on paper.
    Often, negotiations take place when considering buying a house, but are left as a verbal record; for example, an arrangement about painting to be done. This happens under the denominator, "we'll do that later". Or "that will be fine". It may sound fine, but could be ‘’forgotten’’, so put it on paper. That prevents arguments later.
  3. Insufficient monitoring of the areas.
    The areas of the plot and the property are insufficiently registered. These must correspond to the areas listed in the property register. Deviations often occur and do not have to be a problem, but they must be corrected by the seller when transferring.
  4. Not asking if major maintenance is planned.
    This is important when you buy an apartment in a complex. If large-scale work is to be done on the roof or facades, it will known by the owners' association. It's useful to know before buying. Depending on the amount of overdue maintenance, the cost could be substantial.
  5. Not checking whether the selling party is the true owner.
    Are the sellers the owners, or, for example, are they the heirs of the owner. Or does the property belong to a company that no longer exists and the records have not yet been updated in the property register.

Annoying surprises are not pleasant. It takes time and money to fix them.
Do not let it happen to you.