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The "Nota Simple" indispensable document when buying a house in Spain

Nota Simple Huizen In Spanje

Why you should always see the "Nota Simple" when purchasing your home in Spain - you will read why in this article.

Why is the "Nota Simple" such an important document when buying a house in Spain?

The "Nota Simple" is a document that consists of probably no more than 3 sides of A4 in which you can find everything about the property that you want to buy. That is why this document is such an important control tool for the buyer.

The sooner the better.

If you are going to buy a house in Spain you should have the "Nota Simple" in your possession at a very early stage or at least have access to this document. In many cases "Nota Simple" only comes to the table at a later stage.

Why did I only see the document later?

This can happen for several reasons.

The contents of a "Nota Simple".

What does the "Nota Simple" say? A lot, or rather, everything.

All the information you need about the property you are going to buy can be found in the "Nota Simple". That information can be divided into 3 parts; legal information; financial and architectural information.

Legal information.

Financial and tax information.

Architectural information.

Always do a final check.

At the time you sign the notarial deed of sale, the notary will certainly put this document on the table. Make sure you take the document in your hand. Check the contents in peace, or have it done by a knowledgeable person that you have with you. The notary will have no problem with that.