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Properties for sale in Costa del sol

Property for sale in the Costa del Sol
The Costa del Sol is a favourite region of many foreign home buyers who want to buy a house in Spain.When it comes to the best areas in Spain to buy a house, the Costa del Sol is certainly one of the maindestinations on the Mediterranean coast in Spain.

A perfect area for home buyersThe range of houses on the Costa del Sol is large. We are talking about a length of 300 kilometres of theMediterranean coast, from Nerja in the south to Gibraltar. The Costa del Sol has always had many newconstruction projects over the years. Existing buildings (resale) are also entering the housing marketwith great regularity. That is why the Costa del Sol is a perfect area for home buyers.

Best markets for home buyers
Of the 10 urban areas on the Costa del Sol that have the best conditions for buyers when it comes tobuying a holiday home, three are the most important in the property market on the Costa del Sol. Weare talking about the places Marbella; Fuengirola and Estepona.

Fuengirola and Estepona
Fuengirola and Estepona certainly belong in the top 3 places on the Costa del Sol. This is where there are many foreign home buyers.But the best market in general for home buyers is Marbella. It is not that the housing in Marbella is cheap. It is much more about the lifestyle in Marbella.

Marbella and luxury are two words that go hand in hand. That is precisely why Marbella is the ideal destination for the home buyers who can afford it.The average price per square metre of a house in Marbella is € 2,476.That is about 29% more expensive than in Mijas and Estepona. In Fuengirola the price per square metre is € 2,163, which is 15% lower than in the city of Marbella.

Urbanisations around Marbella
Puerta Banús and urbanisations such as Nueva Andalucía, Las Chapas, Los Monteros, Cabopino, MonteParaíso and Elviria, around the city of Marbella, are in high demand with home buyers.

Torremolinos and Torre del MarTwo other urban areas with prime locations right on the Mediterranean coast are the towns of Torremolinos and Torre del Mar. Property prices here are 37% below the property prices of Marbella.

Factors influencing house prices on the Costa del Sol

Which underlying factors influence house prices?

  • New construction of houses versus existing constructionPrices are always influenced by underlying factors. For example, the rise in prices for new-build houses is one of the reasons why the prices of existing property is also going up.
  • Housing stock influences prices
    The Costa del Sol has many construction activities. There is a continuous offer of new construction projects. Existing homes (resale) are also regularly for sale on the housing market. Putting new and existing homes together, they form part of the total housing supply. The total number of homes available for sale strongly influences the asking price of the homes.
  • House prices inland are lower
    As you go further inland and leave the immediate coastline of the Costa del Sol, house prices fall. This decrease is not related to the construction costs, which are almost the same as the construction costs of a house on the coast. The main reason for the price difference is in the prices of the building plots. Property prices are therefore often 40% lower than the average price in the province of Malaga. The towns of Velez de Malaga, Manilva and Torrox are a good example of this.
  • Environmental factors
    The infrastructure and thus the accessibility of a home also influences the purchase price. The same applies to noise nuisance from roads that are too close.
  • The view
    The view in particular plays a role in determining the house price. Houses with a full sea-view always have a higher asking price.

In which part of the Costa del Sol do I buy at the best price?
On the most southern part of the Costa del Sol near the towns of Estepona and Manilva you will find many construction activities. The unsold housing stock is considerably higher there than in the rest of the Costa del Sol. This has a positive effect on prices for people who want to buy a house in that area.

Property on the Costa del Sol is more expensive on average
Property prices on the entire Costa del Sol are on average higher than on the other Spanish Mediterranean coasts. The reason for this is the urbanisations with relatively expensive houses directly on the coast and a short distance from the centre of Marbella.

Top 10 places on the Costa del Sol for foreign home buyers
The best places on the Costa del Sol to buy a holiday home or a house for permanent residence can be found in this overview.
The overview shows the average number of homes sold to foreign buyers per year. Measured over the last 5 years

  • Torremolinos total sold: 2004 to foreigners: 615
  • Benalmaldena total sold: 2372 to foreigners: 617
  • Estepona total sold: 2515 to foreigners: 643
  • Fuengirola total sold:1779 to foreigners: 646
  • Malaga total sold: 7676 to foreigners: 659
  • Marbella total sold: 4077 to foreigners: 661
  • Nerja total sold: 722 to foreigners: 668
  • Torremolinos total sold: 2004 to foreigners: 684
  • Vélez – Málaga total sold: 1645 to foreigners: 688
  • Mijas total sold: 3047 to foreigners: 738

Which cities have the highest house price on the Costa del Sol?

  1. Puerto Banus has the highest price per m2 of € 3,366.
  2. Marbella, here the average price per m2 is € 2.476, -
  3. Nueva Andalucia price per m2 is € 2,423.
  4. Fuengirola, is in fourth place. You pay an average of € 2,163 per m2
  5. Nerja, has an average house price per m2 € 2.041

Where are the best buying opportunities for home buyers on the Costa del Sol?

In which places on the Costa del Sol has property been for sale the longest?
This is an important indicator for a home buyer who wants to buy a house on the Costa del Sol for an interesting price. The longer the property is for sale, the better the market is for buyers. In these places you can bid well below the asking price and end up paying much less than the asking price.

The best buying opportunities on the Costa del Sol can be found in the towns of Torremolinos, Torrox and Benalmadena.
This concerns existing homes with some required maintenance.

Which cities have the highest number of permanent residents on the Costa del Sol?
First of all, of course, is the city of Malaga, with almost 600,000 inhabitants. This is followed by Marbella with 145,000 inhabitants, Mijas 78,000 and Fuengirola with 75,000 inhabitants. These are the 4 main residential areas for permanent living on the Costa del Sol.

Main destination for home buyers
The Costa del Sol is the main destination for many foreigners when it comes to buying a home in Spain.Most of the demand from these foreign home buyers is for new-build homes. The greatest demand is concentrated in the coastal strip, directly on the Mediterranean Sea, with, as front runners, the places: Marbella, Fuengirola, Mijas and Benalmadena.

The areas with mainly holiday habitation on the Costa del Sol
In the towns of Benalmadena and Mijas, many people have bought a house as a second home.
In Benalmadena and Mijas, 50% of the existing homes are used as holiday homes.

In the city of Marbella, and the residential areas around Marbella, the percentage of holiday homes is as high as 70%.
Often these homes belong to foreign owners, but also residents of Madrid and other regions in the interior of Spain.

Considering the entire province of Malaga, 28.2% of the total number of properties is owned by foreign home owners.

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Puerto Banus Malaga 2
  • Gh3604 1
    Gh3604 2
    Gh3604 3
    Gh3604 4
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • 3 Bathrooms
    • 104 m2 build

    Sea view property for sale in La Cala de Mijas on the Costa del Sol.

  • Ap2608 10
    Ap2608 7
    Ap2608 9
    Ap2608 1
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • 1 Bathrooms
    • 89 m2 build

    Nieuwbouw appartementen te koop bij Estepona aan de Costa del Sol.

  • Gh3603 1
    Gh3603 2
    Gh3603 3
    Gh3603 4
    • 3 Bedrooms
    • 3 Bathrooms
    • 121 m2 build

    Woning met zeezicht te koop aan de Costa del Sol in het plaatsje Benalmadéna.

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  • Vr1607 1
    Vr1607 15
    Vr1607 2
    Vr1607 3
    • 7 Bedrooms
    • 6 Bathrooms
    • 200 m2 build
    • 700 m2 plot

    Nieuwbouwvilla in Malaga Spanje te koop.

  • Vr1600 1
    Vr1600 2
    Vr1600 3
    Vr1600 4

    € 1.595.000

    • 4 Bedrooms
    • 3 Bathrooms
    • 638 m2 build
    • 1165 m2 plot

  • Vr1603 1
    Vr1603 1
    Vr1603 2
    Vr1603 3

    € 2.100.000

    • 5 Bedrooms
    • 5 Bathrooms
    • 350 m2 build
    • 1500 m2 plot

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