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Costa Blanca

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  • Aigues

    Costa Blanca

    Water and health has always played an important role in this small mountain village. This has everything to do with the hot springs of Aigues and their therapeutic effects. Water was the reason that, around 1800, a beautiful bathhouse, the "Balneario", was built and where wealthy Spaniards allowed themselves to indulge.

    In 1936 the use of the bathhouse was changed and became Aigues hospital for children with tuberculosis. After the war, the building was purchased by the state and turned back into use as a bathhouse.

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  • Albir

    Costa Blanca

    Albir is one of the most international places in Spain. More than 53% of the population is not Spanish. And it shows. You can leave your Spanish dictionary at home!

    On the map, Albir is between Benidorm and Altea and this is also so in atmosphere. It is not as noisy and high-rise as Benidorm, yet is just a bit livelier than Altea.

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  • Altea

    Costa Blanca

    The crowning glory of the town of Altea is, of course, the blue dome of the parish church in the old town of Altea.

    It is a climb through the narrow streets to the square to reach the church, 60 metres above sea level.

    These are the narrow streets of Altea where many artists seek peace and inspiration for their work place. Art is highly valued in Altea. Enjoy looking into the many individual shops of Altea.

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  • Benidorm

    Costa Blanca

    If someone mentions Benidorm you think of miles of beaches, sun, sea and fun; this is the main tourist enclave on the Mediterranean. The two largest beaches, Levante and Poniente and, inbetween, Cala del Mal Pas are always frequented by sun worshippers.

    Striking is the famous skyline of Benidorm, which is strongly reminiscent of great American cities. Most noticeable are the Hotel Desk, the tallest hotel on the European mainland, and the new apartment building Intempo. This building, still under construction, is 200 metres high and has 64 floors, making it the highest residential building in Europe. Benidorm is taking the name Beni York!

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  • Bonalba

    Costa Blanca

    The most famous residential area within the municipality is Muchamiel is Bonalba Golf. The name Bonalba, translated as ‘beautiful dawn’, comes from the nearby ridge "Sierra de Bonalba". Like many courses in the Costa Blanca, houses have been built around the course and offer a pleasant place to live.

    Bonalba Golf officially opened in 1995. Over the years, about 3000 homes have been built and have mainly been bought by golfers from Madrid and northern European countries.

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  • Busot

    Costa Blanca

    Entering the old village of Busot means going back in time. In the narrow streets, it is as if the clock stopped 50 years ago.

    The facades of the homes in these narrow streets are striking. The town hall is in Busot village square. The beautiful structure makes the building a monument.

    There are few shops. There is a bakery and a small grocery shop where you can buy your daily needs. For larger purchases, you'll drive just 10 minutes to the shops in San Juan and Muchamiel. Small coffee bars and restaurants are in the village, just as in all Spanish villages, for the 3200 inhabitants of Busot.

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  • Calpe

    Costa Blanca

    Calpe is instantly recognised by its impressive rock that looms form the Mediterranean Sea, called the " Rock of Ifach ". This huge, rocky outcrop is 332 metres high and is the trademark of Calpe.

    Throughout history Calpe has been an important landmark. The Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims have all fought for Calpe. This not because of the Calpe’s excellent climate, but mainly because of Calpe’s strategic location!

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  • Campoamor

    Costa Blanca

    "Dehesa de Campoamor" is the correct name. Campoamor is located within the boundaries of the municipality of Orihuela, in the nature reserve "Sierra de Escalona"

    The origin of the name of this urbanisation is associated with the poet Ramon Campoamor (1845). He was once governor of the province of Alicante.

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  • Castalla

    Costa Blanca

    The town of Castalla originated in the valley around the castle of Castalla. At 600 metres above the Mediterranean Sea, it is possible to overlook the whole area "De La Hoya the Castalla" from the castle. Castalla was once the capital of this area and Ibi, Onil, Castalla and Tibi are part of it.

    The climate in this green valley is a mix of the Mediterranean and the mountains. In the months of January and February you can even expect snow showers.

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  • El Campello

    Costa Blanca

    The beach and the promenade is where Spanish families go at the weekend to relax, so ensuring that El Campello retains its Spanish-village character. This is possible even though El Campello now has around 27,000 inhabitants.

    Living in El Campello simply means living close to everything. There is a train to Alicante or Benidorm and Alicante airport is only 30 minutes by car.

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  • Finestrat

    Costa Blanca

    Finestrat village is located 10 minutes from Benidorm; this is the old village of Finestrat.

    Also, fortunately for Finestrat, it has a piece of coastline of just under 300 metres. This part is called "Cala Finestrat Benidorm". It is a beautiful bay with small sandy beach at the foot of a huge rock positioned between Benidorm La Villajoyosa. There are many high-rise apartments here, benefitting the financial stability of Finestrat.

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  • La Nucía

    Costa Blanca

    Best known for its road with roundabouts up from Benidorm to La Nucía. There are five. Roundabout number 1 is located in the village of La Nucia and the last, number 5, is in Benidorm

    A major attraction is the flea market every Sunday in the industrial area "L" Alberca ". With more than 900 stalls, it’s possible to find anything.

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  • Monnegre

    Costa Blanca

    This area falls under the municipality Monnegre Alicante. However, when you look at the map or drive towards it, Muchamiel is the place to follow.

    There is no doubt about the origin of the name for the region; it has everything to do with the river "Monnegre" which runs from Tibi towards Muchamiel. Today, the river is often dry.

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  • Muchamiel

    Costa Blanca

    Muchamiel, or Mutxamel, makes for some confusion in your Tom Tom! Mutxamel is the Valencian version for the same place, Muchamiel.

    Muchamiel aerodrome is for small aeroplanes, with a runway of 850 metres and 11 meters wide, it is used mainly by enthusiasts and small businesses. Its big brother is Alicante airport, located 18 kilometres away.

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  • Playa San Juan

    Costa Blanca

    With nearly 7 kilometres of sandy beach, the Playa San Juan is located between the towns of El Campello and Alicante. Although the beach is called San Juan, the largest part belongs to El Campello (Playa Muchavista) and the other part to Alicante.

    Playa San Juan is the longest sandy beach in Spain.

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  • Tibi

    Costa Blanca

    Tibi is part of the area "La Hoya de Castalla", a vast green area with lush mountains and valleys in the hinterland of Alicante. Of the 4 sites in this area, Castalla, Tibi, Ibi and Onil, Tibi has less than 2000 inhabitants and is the smallest.

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  • Torrevieja

    Costa Blanca

    The town began around 1800 with 2 observation towers and a number of houses where the workers lived and worked on the salt lakes.

    Nowadays,Torrevieja has more than 100,000 inhabitants.

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