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Tibi is part of the area "La Hoya de Castalla", a vast green area with lush mountains and valleys in the hinterland of Alicante. Of the 4 sites in this area, Castalla, Tibi, Ibi and Onil, Tibi has less than 2000 inhabitants and is the smallest.

The accessibility of Tibi is good. It lies on the motorway which runs from Alicante to Madrid. Alicante is 25 minutes from Tibi, Madrid is 3 hours by car.

In the 10th century, the Arabs built a castle but little remains.

The municipality Tibi has the river "Monnegre" and a reservoir 3 km from the village.

This is the oldest reservoir in Europe and still working. The dam is 46 metres high and 65 metres long. The lake covers an area of 50 hectares. (5 million square metres); the water was originally intended for the horticultural needs of Muchamiel.

Along the course of the river "Monnegre", it is also known as "Rio Verde". Tibi is a beautiful green area of natural beauty. The impressive dam is a must to visit.

All this is just 25 minutes from Alicante. It is not surprising that in recent years more and more people have settled in Tibi.

Houses and buildings in prices Tibi:

The houses in the centre are mainly small. In the outskirts of Tibi, there are fincas of all sizes and residential areas with detached villas. Prices are between 150,000 and 350,000 euros.