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Properties for sale in Muchamiel

What’s it like to live in Muchamiel?

Muchamiel has over 25,000 inhabitants. Only a small proportion of them, around 3,000, are not Spanish. This is one of the reasons why Muchamiel has not turned into a tourist village. When you walk through the streets of Muchamiel you feel the atmosphere of a cosy Spanish village.

The favourable location makes Muchamiel an ideal place to live. The short distance to the centre of Alicante city and Alicante airport attracts many home buyers. The 5-mile-long beach of Playa San Juan is 5 minutes away by car.

Which are the most popular housing types in Muchamiel?

Detached houses with a private pool
Detached villas on large plots are very popular with foreign home buyers. Especially, homes with a private pool on their own plot are in great demand. These types of homes are mainly found in the residential areas around Muchamiel, namely Rio Park, Valle del Sol and Molí Nou.·

Apartments in the centre of Muchamiel
In the centre of Muchamiel and the residential core around the centre, apartments and terraced houses are more popular. Spanish buyers, in particular, choose the centre of Muchamiel. The prices for an apartment are favourable.In addition to more-affordable housing, there is the advantage that you have all the facilities for your daily life within walking distance.

Rural fincas in the countryside.
There are many rustic country houses in the vast and flat outskirts of the municipality of Muchamiel. Especially in the area "La Huerta de Muchamiel" , fincas with an area of more than 20,000m2 are no exception. The prices per m2 for plots with an area of more than 10,000m2 without buildings start at €5 per m2. This is the price without the rustic villa that you often find on these types of plots. The prices for fincas with a rustic house can vary from €350,000 to €2,500,000.

Which part of Muchamiel is the best place to buy a house?·

As a second home or for holiday rental?
If you are buying a holiday home or a home intended as a second home, you would make the best home purchase in the area east of the centre of Muchamiel. The residential areas, Rio Park, Valle del Sol and Molí Nou, are at the top of the list of many second home buyers in the municipality of Muchamiel.

For permanent residence
Due to their location, the residential areas of Almajada de Muchamiel and Ravel are more interesting for buying a house for permanent residence.These 2 residential areas are located in a zone south of Muchamiel in the direction of the city of Alicante. The distance to the centre of Muchamiel is close. The range of shops in the town of San Juan is a short distance away and in the immediate vicinity you will find a good range of schools. The University Hospital of San Juan is also in the immediate vicinity. These are interesting factors for buyers of a permanent residence. As a result, the prices for homes here are higher than in the rest of the municipality of Muchamiel.

The most expensive area to buy a house in Muchamiel Almajada de Muchamiel and the Ravel district
Muchamiel has 2 residential areas where buyers are willing to pay a higher price for a house. These are the modern and spacious residential areas Almajada de Muchamiel and the Ravel district. The fact that these areas are in high demand with home buyers has everything to do with their favourable location. The convenience of the short distances to the centre of Muchamiel and the shopping centres of Alicante and San Juan are pushing up the prices of the properties in these 2 areas. In this part of Muchamiel, the average price for a house is €387,980, which equates to an average of €1,315 per m2.

Accessibility of Muchamiel
Muchamiel is enclosed between 2 motorways the AP-7 and the A-70.The AP-7 coming from the city of Valencia runs beside Muchamiel directly to Madrid. Also from Valencia, the A-70 passes Muchamiel in the direction of Alicante airport.Both motorways ensure maximum accessibility to and from Muchamiel. In addition, there are good bus connections from Muchamiel to the centre of the city of Alicante and the beaches of Playa San Juan.

The residential areas of Muchamiel·Bonalba and Cotoveta area
Slightly north of the centre of Muchamiel are the areas of Bonalba and Cotoveta. Bonalba, in particular, has become one of the most important residential areas of the municipality of Muchamiel due to the Bonalba Golf course. Foreign home buyers often buy second homes in this area. The buildings vary from apartments for holiday use to large detached villas for permanent residence.(Explore Homes on Bonalba Muchamiel)

Rio Park and Valle del Sol neighbourhoods
About 3 kilometres inland from the centre of Muchamiel are the residential areas of Rio Park and Valle del Sol, which is a large flat area that is subdivided into building plots of at least 800m2 and up to 2000m2. Large houses generally determine the image of these 2 residential areas of Muchamiel. Homeowners of various nationalities live in this area.

Ravel and Almajada de Muchamiel
Ravel and Almajada de Muchamiel are the 2 suburbs of Muchamiel with the most residential occupations of Muchamiel. These neighbourhoods are built closer together, with many terraced and semi-detached houses in these modern urbanisations. The detached villas on large plots that you will also find in this area are in a higher price range.

La Huerta de Muchamie
La Huerta is a sparsely populated residential area of Muchamiel, generally with large detached houses on plots with enormous surfaces. This area is the former horticultural area of Muchamiel. In addition to newly built homes, you will also find old villas here, which are mainly inhabited by local Spaniards whose family has owned the property for many years.

Muchamiel centre
In the original centre of Muchamiel, most low-rise buildings have been replaced by high-rise buildings over the years. Apartment complexes therefore determine the street scene in the centre and the streets around the centre of Muchamiel. The apartments have an average living area of 105m2. It is a residential shopping area, where you will hardly find foreign residents

Property prices by region of Muchamiel· Bonalba and Cotoveta
North of Muchamiel, at the foot of the Sierra de Bonalba, is the Bonalba Golf course and the Bonalba residential residence. Adjacent in the Cotoveta area you will find the urbanisation Country Club Dorado. The average price for a house in these areas is €192,809, which equates to a square metre price of €1,031.(Explore properties in Bonalba Muchamiel)

Rio Park and Valle del Sol
In this area are mainly detached villas on large plots. On average, you pay €268,427 for a home here. That corresponds to an average square metre price of €1,198. In Rio Park you can buy building plots for a starting price of €65,000.(Explore properties in Rio Park and Valle de Sol Muchamiel)

Ravel - Almajada de Muchamiel
These are modern residential areas with property mainly consisting of terraced houses and semi-detached houses. These homes cost an average of €387,980, which equates to a price of €1,315 per square metre.

La Huerta
In the residential areas of La Huerta de Muchamiel, the average house price is €237,667 or €1,042 per m2. For the large fincas with plots of an average of 15,000m2 outside the residential areas of La Huerta, the prices are around €500,000.

Muchamiel centre
In the centre of Muchamiel, the buildings mainly consist of apartments. The average price for a house here is €241,735. The average m2 price is €1.162, -

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